Scientists have listed the most unusual flavors.preferences of pregnant women

Fri, Feb 21, 2014

The existence of unusual preferences for pregnant women for many
secret. American scientists have decided to interview future mothers with
to identify the most common non-standard
desires that they experience during childbirth. Among
such preferences were met as ordinary, and quite
unusual, such as, for example, the smell of rubber, shoe polish or
tree bark. As a rule, pregnant women have
increased need for chocolate and various salty

Among извращений вкуса отмечалось сочетание несочетаемых
products, such as onion chips, to which as a sauce
performed paste Nutella. 10% of women wanted to try
laundry soap, 6% ate chalk, 25% had a weakness for sweet
product, 18% meat, and 13% vegetables.

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