Scientists: aspirin can help get pregnant

Fri, 04 Apr 2014

Specialists from the United States have proven scientifically that
small doses of aspirin can help conceive, and
birth of a healthy baby. At the same time, aspirin can
provoke and miscarriage.

Often, women who experience a miscarriage or
the light of a stillborn baby, for the possibility of a new pregnancy
prescribed aspirin, scientific evidence of effectiveness in
whose gynecology has been proven only recently.

In the course of a six-month experiment, which participants were
more than a thousand women, volunteers were given a placebo and aspirin. On
Throughout this time, women tried to conceive a child.

Counting the results showed that in both groups the number
miscarriages were about the same. However, if
a woman after miscarriage took aspirin, her chances of being born
normal baby were significantly higher.

The reason for such an effective performance of aspirin lies in
that he is able to strengthen the bloodstream to the uterus.

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