Schooling a child to the pot

Mon, Dec 19, 2016

Sooner or later, every mother gets an idea in his head – is it not time?
get this household item? And bringing in the house purchase, she
decides to try it out immediately on her own child. Special
grandmothers become a powerful catalyst for making a pot
neighbors – after all, their children managed to master this subject with hardly any
the very birth. So when is the golden time for schooling
baby to the pot and what’s really behind the stories
little geeks who refuse disposable diapers in
very early age?

Story 1: “My child goes to the pot of six
months “

If you buy a pot and show it to a 6-7 month old baby, he
undoubtedly take it “with a bang.” By the way, if you land there
baby, then most likely he uses it quickly enough
intended purpose. This is what makes moms delighted and
to state that the problem of schooling has already been solved. What is silent about
mothers of little geniuses?

  • The baby celebrates a little need much more often than an ordinary person.
    That is why, sitting it on the pot, you are most likely
    wait for the response.
  • Sharing successful experiences, parents “forget” to add that
    the child does not use the pot himself and does not signal his
  • Few people will tell their relatives about such trifles that the fact
    schooling the child to the toilet did not cancel, but added the need
    constantly change his wet pants and wipe the puddles. Yes, and in
    the apartment has a light aroma, and the carpet is likely to live out
    last days.

The age of 6-7 months is a great time to be mild.
introduce the child to the pot. But to talk about schooling is still very
early. Use the interest of the child for his benefit – to drop the baby
you can after sleep, using the time spent without a diaper,
for air baths.

Story number 2: “My child went to the pot, but now he is afraid
its like a fire “

By about the year, the usual procedure suddenly begins to cause
sharp protest – the baby cries, dodges and protests against
planting. This is a very unpleasant surprise for parents.
– to such a reaction, they are sure that the training is already left
behind, as a rule, not ready. Not wanting to admit the obvious, mom
show perseverance, causing the child a real tantrum and
complete rejection. More recently perceived with interest, the pot
now meets with shouts and disgust.

A kid up to a year perceived schooling as a fun game, no way
not associating it with physiology. By the year he began to understand more about
yourself and your desires however control your natural
shipments to him are not yet under force. Excessive persistence or
unpleasant sensations pushed him from the pot. Do not persist
– insisting on your own, you will achieve only more negative. If a
the child starts to protest – remove the frightening object
far away. In a year, children quickly forget the discomfort, and you
be able to continue schooling in a month.

Story number 3: “My child uses the pot, but my life
turned into a series of endless landings “

Waiver of reliable and convenient disposable diapers in favor
pot often turns the existence of mom in permanent mode
control of the natural departure of the child. Just a little
to be distracted, as you have to completely change the baby and wipe
puddles. Yes, and carefree lying on the couches and beds are no longer
it turns out – sets are now added to the washing of children’s clothes
bed linen and blankets with bedspreads.

Such is the price of early schooling. The child may not
protest against planting, however, restrain and endure him
still a bit early. Learn to control his physiology, he can not
earlier than a year and a half. For now responsibility for dry clean
clothes falls on mom. The choice is yours – land every half hour and
do not leave the house without a couple of extra sets of clothes
or do not rush to say goodbye to diapers.

Story number 4: “I taught the child to the pot for one

Does this option seem fantastic? But this story with happy
the end is very real. If a заняться приучением своевременно, с
taking into account age features and physiology of the baby, the process will take place
completely painless and takes very little time. Someone
addictive success in one and a half years, most children
not a single miss will be closer to two years, but there are also toddlers,
which process is slightly delayed. However timely
potty training differs from the first unsuccessful attempts by one –
baby sharply understands and accepts the need to abandon
diapers and goes to a new stage quickly and painlessly.

The author of the material is Vera Guler.

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