“Sausage King” Nikolai Agurbash for the seventh timewill become a father

Thu, May 29, 2014

Ex-spouse Angelica Agurbash, “sausage king” Nikolay Agurbash
скоро снова will become a father. According to rumors, the mother of the seventh child
a businessman will not be his current girlfriend at all, but some other

Despite the declarations of love with which Agurbash showered aside
Olga, their relationship broke up and he began to meet with the employee
his company Elvira.

There is information that the couple already live together.

It is also known that her child from Angelica, Anastas,
Agurbash does not want to pay alimony. However, his ex-spouse,
again successfully linking their fate, refused to “handouts” of the former

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