Salt-free diet – the opinion of a nutritionist

Irina Lizun, a nutritionist, answers questions on
weight correction clinics of Dr. Kovalkov.

– Irina, please tell us what you think about
salt free diet?

– At first, a salt-restricted diet was prescribed while running
pathology of cardiovascular diseases. Now salt-free diet
—  один из самых модных терминов в мире худеющих. All very
simple: if a person stops eating salty, the body begins
actively lose water. At first, a salt-free diet woman sees
on the scales that the weight decreases and is very happy about it. But what is
water? The water is both gone and will be back. And when losing weight you need to lose
not water, and fatty tissue – here, the refusal of salt is not an assistant. On my
look it is meaningless. Besides completely refuse salt
can not.

– Why?

– Because sodium ions are involved in the process of metabolism,
cell activity. The daily need for salt is calculated
based on the indicators of the body, but on average, so, to summarize, from 4
up to 10 grams of salt a person should consume daily. No salt at all
especially for pregnant women, people dealing with difficult
by physical labor, and also in the hot season, when and so
possible dehydration. In general, eat without salt, not only
unhelpful, but tasteless. Therefore, sooner or later a breakdown is inevitable, and
then you know what.

– So a salt-free diet is evil?

– No, why evil. If the person’s diet is too much
salty, it is really harmful, including for the figure.
This is especially true of lovers of convenience foods, all kinds of
�”Sliced”, snacks for beer and tp – in this case, while reducing weight,
recommendations salt-free diets can be partially used,
The main thing to approach this sensibly: refuse smoked foods,
pickles, any over-salted food, less salt food, and
instead of salt, it is more common to use spices — pepper, turmeric, and others.

In general, the word “diet” I do not like. Not only are these
repeated attempts to go on a diet are unsafe for health so
it is also psychologically exhausting – sooner or later a woman
concludes that it is not able to lose weight at all and puts on itself
cross. And everyone can lose weight! Believe my experience.
 The main thing is that changes in nutrition do not happen once a year, but
become your habit. And here the salt-free diet will not

– And the last question. I saw your photos in contact
you are such a stunning figure.

– Well, I’m a nutritionist!

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