Salads for nursing mothers – the benefits and pleasure.Recipes for nursing mothers salads, useful for the baby and goodlactation

Пн, 09 май 2016 Автор: Инна Квашина

The special features of nursing mother salads are that they
should be useful for mom and baby.

Any poor-quality or poorly digestible product will be immediately
affect the body of the baby.

In our article we will understand what products in the salad can
eat young mommy.

Principles of cooking salads for nursing mothers

Any new product must be added to the diet very
Caution. At the very beginning try to use it in small
doses and monitor the child’s response. You should be alerted
redness, rash, or stomach upset. If no
negative impact you do not notice, then increase the portion to
the amount you need.

Another function that food should perform during this period is
это увеличение lactation. This will help the use of nuts, cheese,
carrots, honey, milk, dairy products and others. Here on
based on such products can come up with a variety of recipes.

More preferably, the ingredients that will be used when
cooking, process as follows: boil, simmer or
cook for a couple.

You can make salads from the following

• Meat (not fatty pork, rabbit, turkey). In the first months
feeding refrain from eating chicken. Because she is
considered a very strong allergen.

• Be careful with vegetables. Cabbage, fresh cucumbers, legumes
may cause gas and cramps. Tomatoes – diathesis.

• Eat fish in moderation and only stew,
baked or boiled. Refrain from canned fish, smoked
and salted fish, as well as seafood. Caution with crab
chopsticks and crab meat.

• Try to limit the consumption of sausages.
The preservatives, stabilizers and dyes that are in these
foods that can cause an upset stomach.

• A separate item must be said for the eggs in the salad.
It is believed that a large allergen is a protein, and not the yolk.
Therefore, very carefully enter this new product. And
remember that you can always replace it with quail

• Eating fruits in salads is great. But
refrain from exotic.

In the first months кормления врачи не рекомендуют кушать майонез
and ketchup. This problem can be solved by preparing mayonnaise
independently at home from natural products. For this you
will need: 2 yolks, mustard, salt, sugar – half tea
spoons. All carefully beat and pour about half a cup of lean
oils. At the end you can add a spoonful of lemon juice.

Recipe 1. Salad for nursing mothers “Greek”


• cucumbers – 1 pc .;

• tomatoes – 1 pc .;

• sweet pepper – 1 pc .;

• feta cheese – 60 grams;

• olives – 8 stuff;

• sour cream or olive oil – on request


1. Cut tomatoes and cucumbers into slices.

2. Pepper cut into thin strips.

3. Mix everything and add diced cheese and

4. Season to taste with olive oil or sour cream.

Recipe 2. Salad for nursing mothers from carrots, apples and


• carrots – 1 piece;

• apples (Semyonka or other green varieties) – 2 pieces;

• walnuts – 1 tbsp.

• honey – 1 tsp.

Parsley greens, lemon juice – at discretion.


1. Carrot rubbed on a coarse grater.

2. Apples cut into small slices.

3. Crush the nuts and fry in butter.

4. Mix all the ingredients, add honey and optionally greens.
parsley and lemon juice.

Recipe 3. Salad “Mimosa” for nursing mothers

This is a slightly modified classic recipe that will decorate your
festive table.


• boiled fish (for example, pelengas) – 400 grams;

• boiled carrots – 250 grams;

• quail eggs – 8 pieces;

• hard cheese (for example, Dutch) – 150 grams;

• apples – 2 medium sized, not sour;

• onions – 1 head;

• mayonnaise – preferably homemade.


1. Boil the necessary ingredients: fish, carrots, eggs.

2. Separate the fish from the bones and cut them into small pieces.

3. Carrots and apples on a large grater, cheese – on the shallow.

4. Divide boiled eggs into yolks and proteins. Squirrels three on
coarse grater, yolks – finely.

5. Onions are pre-marinated in a tablespoon of lemon juice with
salt and sugar.

6. Then everything must be laid in layers: half a serving
grated carrots pour with mayonnaise, put a layer of fish on top and finely
chopped onion, pour with mayonnaise. Then sprinkle again all
grated carrots, egg whites, apples and cheese in the appropriate
sequences. On top of all grease mayonnaise and sprinkle
grated yolk for decoration.

Recipe 4. Curd-vegetable salad for a nursing mother


• cottage cheese (better to take home, with a large percentage of fat) –

• tomato – 1 piece;

• Bulgarian pepper – 1/4 part;

• green onions -0.5 tbsp .;

• salt, black pepper – to taste.


1. Finely chop the tomatoes, peppers, and green onions.

2. All mix with cottage cheese and add salt and pepper to your

This mass can also be stuffed with tomatoes, peppers or
beautiful lay on the leaves of lettuce.

Recipe 5. Dried fruit salad to strengthen the immune system
nursing mom

Ingredients (to your taste):

• dried apricots – 200 grams;

• raisins – 200 grams;

• dates – 200 grams;

• prunes – 200 grams;

• figs – 200 grams;

• nuts – 200 grams;

• honey;

• lemon


1. Before eating, soak the dried fruits in hot water, and
then dry.

2. All продукты измельчить в кухонном комбайне и
mix it up.

3. Season with honey and lemon juice to your liking.

The resulting mixture of dried fruits can be consumed immediately, but you can
put in a closed container in the refrigerator and use 1
tablespoon before eating.

Tips and tricks of cooking salads for nursing mothers

1. Eat only fresh salads. Violation of conditions
storage can cause intestinal infection or poisoning

2. Do not use any spices when cooking, they can
change the taste of breast milk.

3. Do not worry that there are a lot of bans. You can add
in your diet any product and monitor the reaction of the child. If he
assimilates food normally and no side effects occur,
Then quietly enjoy your favorite salads for nursing mothers.

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