Sage: the beneficial properties of the plant in folkmedicine and cosmetology. How to eat sage,contraindications

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Sage, the beneficial properties of which are widely used in
Alternative medicine, has a slightly bitter taste and rich

The plant contains a large amount of vitamins, minerals
and other substances important for the human body.

Sage is used not only in traditional medicine, but also in
cooking, cosmetology.

Knowing several useful recipes, each hostess will be able to
home conditions to use the “services of a green doctor.”

What is part of the plant and its varieties

Few people know that in nature there are more than 900
different types of sage. And in folk medicine, you can apply
far from all of them. Beneficial effect on the body
have the following types of sage:

• nutmeg;

• medicinal;

• Ethiopian;

• Spanish.

These are the most common types of sage, useful properties.
which is really invaluable. All other plants are not
characterized by a rich fortified composition.

Most commonly used in traditional medicine is medicinal.
sage. The beneficial properties of the plant stem from its
balanced composition, which includes:

• mineral salts and essential oils;

• vitamins – folic, ascorbic, as well as A, B, PP, K;

• micro and macronutrients – calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc,

Cooking Application

Virtually all housewives prefer to use sage when
cooking various culinary masterpieces. The plant is added to
food both fresh and dried. Rich aroma of fresh
leaves perfectly emphasizes the taste of fish and meat dishes, complements
special flavor salads and vegetable stews.

Dried sage is a seasoning perfect for
broths, sauces and even pickled vegetables. Interesting that very
often spice is used in the preparation of alcoholic and
soft drinks.

Everyone is looking for his use of sage in cooking. Some
housewives even add spice to baking. The best part is that
the plant in any form retains its fortified composition and
Remains incredibly beneficial to the body.

Sage: useful properties in alternative medicine

Medicinal plant in alternative medicine enjoys
very much in demand. On its basis, medicinal decoctions are prepared and
mixtures that are more effective pharmacy drugs cope with
some ailments.

Sage: Useful Properties and Use in Folk

1. With infertility, the plant began to be used in ancient Egypt.
In the modern world, women are also recommended to have such
trouble drinking a decoction of sage. You can cook it very easily in
home conditions. 1 tablespoon dried plant
200 ml of boiling water is poured, everything is boiled for 15 minutes, then
Infused to cool and filtered through a gauze napkin.
The resulting broth should be drunk 3 times a day, 25 ml. Has been proven
that this tool is also drunk to stop lactation.

2. When external and internal inflammatory processes. 1.5
tablespoons of the plant in dried form are poured 250 ml of boiling water.
Capacity is removed in a dark place for 4 hours. The resulting decoction
is filtered, it can be applied inside or applied to
as a compress on wounds and cuts, bruises and hematomas.

3. Sage infusion calms the nervous system and prevents
mood swings. It is recommended in people whose work is related to
constant stress. It will also be useful to drink women in
period of menopause and menstrual cycle. Cooking decoction is simple –
a tablespoon of sage is poured with a glass of boiling water, infused 40
minutes, honey is added there. Need to drink like regular tea, 2-3 times
in a day.

4. In disorders of the digestive system. 1 tablespoon
Sage poured 500 ml of boiling water, boiled over low heat
15 minutes, then cooled and filtered. The resulting tool
you need to drink 10 days 4 times a day before meals in half

5. Prevention and treatment of acute respiratory infections. Autumn and winter are often people
exposed to colds. Infusion of sage will help
strengthen the immune system and increase the body’s resistance to
infections. 1 tablespoon шалфея и 0,5 столовой ложки липы
300 ml of boiling water are poured. When the drink has cooled slightly, there
half teaspoon of honey is added. Recommended tea obtained
взрослым и детям 3 раза in a day.

6. With angina, rinse aid
sage 1 tablespoon растения в измельченном виде заливается
150 ml of boiling water. Capacity is wrapped with a thick towel and
insists 2 hours. The resulting tool after filtering need
2 times a day, gargle. The course of treatment is 5 days already
after the first day there will be noticeable improvements. Also this remedy
allows you to relieve inflammation of the gums.

Sage: useful properties in cosmetology

1. The antibacterial properties of the plant allow it to effectively
fight acne. Prepare home infusion or medical ointment
difficult, therefore it is better to purchase preparation with sage extract
pharmacy. Using a cosmetic product daily, acne
coming off, regulated the work of the sebaceous glands, the skin acquires
healthy attractive shine.

2. Clary sage stimulates the acceleration of hair growth,
fights dandruff. To achieve the best effect you need every time.
rinse the curls with a decoction of the plant during shampooing.

3. Tonic ice. You need to make a decoction based on sage and
freeze it in special molds. Every day in the morning instead of
soap you need to wipe the face with one such cube. Cosmetic ice
perfectly soothes and tones the skin.

4. Getting rid of dark circles. Many women face
problems like bags and bruises under the eyes. Pharmacy
expensive drugs will not always be effective, but sage
really gives a great effect. Enough daily
make compresses with infusion of the plant, and put them on the eyes
30-40 minutes.

Use of infusions and decoctions based on sage, useful
whose properties have been described, also gives excellent
cosmetological effect. The composition of the plant allows you to adjust
work of the hormonal system, stimulate the regeneration process
epidermis and prevent premature aging of the skin.

Шалфей: contraindications к употреблению «зеленого доктора»

Sage, like any other medicinal plant, has
некоторые contraindications и предостережения к использованию.
For example, if, when using a plant for treatment, one cannot exceed
dosage, it can lead to intoxication of the body and strong

Шалфей: contraindications к внутреннему и наружному

1. During pregnancy and lactation, as sage
inhibits the production of breast milk.

2. In the presence of individual intolerance to the product.

3. For diseases associated with the thyroid gland.

4. With hypertension.

Удивительное растение sage. Useful properties of “green
Doctors “are really invaluable to the human body. Need to
Do not forget to take a break. Let sage contraindications not much
has, use it more than the allowable rate is prohibited in
avoid intoxication.

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