Runny nose at the newborn – what to do, whatmedication to use? Runny nose in a newborn: causes

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Up to two months, the presence of a large amount of discharge from the nose
a baby is not always a symptom of a cold. At that age
it may be a physiological phenomenon, the work of the mucous membranes
not fully adjusted: They start fully
function after 10 weeks of life.

Before you begin to independently treat a rhinitis (rhinitis)
newborn, you need to contact a pediatrician. What to do when
the nose of the newborn, the doctor will decide after the examination: he will put
diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Types of rhinitis, its clinical manifestations

In addition to the abundant nasal discharge that wears
physiological nature, runny nose in a newborn can be:

• infectious or viral:

• allergic;

• vasomotor.

Tactic of treatment depends on the nature of rhinitis. Vasomotor rhinitis
associated with the presence of problems in the vessels of the mucous membrane and in newborns
is rare.


Despite the fact that the runny nose passes quickly enough sometimes
without treatment, it can give complications that will require
sufficient effort and time for successful therapy. And though sinusitis
does not develop in newborns, the infection may spread from
nasopharynx in the respiratory tract and cause otitis media, conjunctivitis, bronchitis
and even pneumonia. Due to the fact that infants are badly opposed
infections, when the newborn has a runny nose, it should be treated.

With any form of rhinitis, mucosal edema occurs and is disturbed.
partially or completely nose breathing. It breaks the breath
through the nose, so the child cries, is naughty, refuses
food. Probably a rise in temperature. But this is due to failures.
nervous system, not the disease itself.

At that age новорождённый не может очистить нос, поскольку
does not know how to blow your own nose. The complexity of the situation is
also in anatomical features: a child at that age
the small size of the nasal cavity, narrow nasal passages, very gentle
mucous membrane that easily swells.

If the newborn has a runny nose – what to do

If the newborn has a runny nose, first of all it is necessary
observe a certain mode. At elevated temperatures do not
It is recommended to bathe the child in the bath. It must be on
home mode. After the temperature has returned to normal, you can
walk in the street. It is allowed to bathe for 4-5 days after normalization.

When refusing to eat feed force is not recommended. But
It is necessary to give a large amount of fluid, since
discharge from the nose, it loses a lot of fluid. To add
give boiled water.

When a newborn has a runny nose – use of medicinal

If the temperature is not elevated, than to treat a runny nose.
a newborn, what to do – advise the doctor. In cases like
правило, ограничиваются местным лечением и используют
appropriate dosage forms:

• nasal drops;

• sprays.

In newborns, it is preferable to use drops.

All drugs for the local treatment of rhinitis by the mechanism
actions are divided into groups:

• vasoconstrictor;

• moisturizing;

• with antiseptic properties;

• antiviral.

Vasoconstrictor drops

When prescribing vasoconstrictor drops, their use should
be careful: you must strictly adhere to the instructions and not
exceed dosage (number of drops). Apply 1 drop
three times a day. It is better to use the minimum dose: drip twice
day – before the daytime and nighttime sleep. If the appointment
vasoconstrictor drops not agreed with the pediatrician, more than 3 days
they can not be applied. They have serious side effects: may
cause anxiety, insomnia, an unpleasant feeling of dryness
nose, vomiting, tremor, convulsive syndrome.

The most popular children’s vasoconstrictor drops allowed
for use in newborns: Nazivin baby, Otrivin baby, Nazivin
child 0.01%.

They relieve well the swelling of the mucous membrane, and, therefore,
restore breathing through the nose, reduce the amount of
forming mucus. Действие drugs начинается через несколько
minutes and lasts 12 hours. Do not irritate the nasal mucosa, do not
cause redness.

To exclude overdose in newborns, the pipette has
graduated with drop marks. If 1 drop is assigned, solution
dialed into the pipette to the mark 1. Even the following method is effective.
use of drops: 1 drop is applied on cotton wool and wipe nasal

Antiviral drops

Antiviral drops: Grippferon, Interferon. They are fast
act upon viral infection. The multiplicity and duration of reception
determined by a doctor. Especially effective are children with
reduced immunity.

Antibacterial drugs

Antimicrobial drops are used when discharge from the nose
becomes a thick consistency of green or yellow. it
means that adherence is a bacterial infection. Such
cases are assigned Protargol, Albucid. Protargol is drops on
based on silver which possesses antiseptic properties. They
made at the pharmacy prescription. Albucidum (sodium sulfacyl) –
these are eye drops but allowed for use and how

Independently and without urgent need to apply them not
Recommended: these drops dry up the mucous membranes, may cause


When a newborn has a runny nose, regardless of its cause,
nasal mucosa dries up, which creates additional discomfort
infants and aggravates overall well-being. If this happens at
a runny nose in a newborn, what to do, advise the pediatrician when
inspection. Mandatory prescribed drugs that allow
reduce the drying of the mucous. They выпускаются в виде спрея,
so it was convenient to irrigate the entire mucous membrane of the nose. Besides
moisturizing effect, some drugs have and
anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating action. Most
safe, designed for use in newborns (children in
age up to 1 month):

• drops Aqua Maris, Aqualore baby;

• nasal spray saline;

• special means Aqualore baby “Soft shower”.

They приготовлены из морской воды или физраствора, полностью
safe, difficult to overdose. In the absence of these funds
You can apply saline. Apply every 2 hours for 3
drops or 1 dose of spray, and before instillation of another therapeutic
drug. This clears the nasal cavity and works better.
drugs, narrowing vessels, antiviral or

When digging in, the baby’s head should be well fixed,
and the tip of the pipette should not be inserted into the nasal passage more than
0.5 cm, so as not to injure the mucous.

What to do when a newborn has a runny nose – homemade

Besides готовых лекарственных drugs, назначенных врачом,
можно применять лечебные facilities, приготовленные
on their own.

Expensive moisturizing drops interchangeable with saline
solution. Its proportions: for 1 cup of boiled water – 1/4 tea
spoons of salt. Fresh solution should be prepared every 4 hours.
It is applied as ready drops: with the same frequency and

Anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects have
carrot and beet juices. Apply 1 drop in each nasal
3 r / day stroke, previously diluted with water or any vegetable
1: 1 oil.

Aloe juice is made from the pulp of the lower leaves of a three-year-old (and
older) plants. The leaves are cleaned from the top dense layer, the flesh
kept in the refrigerator for several days, squeeze the juice, diluted with
boiled water in a ratio of 1: 1 and use 1 drop 3
p / day.

Often used to treat a newborn’s rhinitis in the chest
milk. It contains many vitamins, microelements, immune
complexes, well moisturizes the mucous and is considered completely
harmless. But всё же использовать его в виде капель в нос не
recommended: it does not have antibacterial or
disinfectant properties. Due to the presence of sugars, proteins,
bacteria can multiply in it with great speed. it может
harm the newborn. Не стоит применять facilities, раздражающие
mucous: juice Kalanchoe, onions, garlic.

With timely and proper treatment of the condition of the newborn
normalized within a week. So that the treatment is successful, even
when using only home remedies, you need from day one
consult a pediatrician and follow all recommendations for
regimen and treatment.

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