Rules of growing watermelons in Siberia: the choicevarieties, the subtleties of care. Planting watermelons in the greenhouse and openground

Чт, 17 авг 2017 Автор: Юлия Кривенко

In the northern regions of the country and Siberia, refuse to grow
watermelons are not worth it. But first of all, you need to familiarize yourself with
agricultural technology of culture, so that the result does not disappoint. Harsh
conditions dictate their own rules, you need to pick up for landing
the right grade, good today there is no problem, and exactly
follow all instructions.

Varieties of watermelons for cultivation in Siberia

Choosing the right variety is the main component of success. For
ripening melon crops require a lot of heat and light,
therefore, early ripening varieties are prized in the northern regions. They are capable
in a short period of time not only to increase the green mass,
but also give a good harvest.

Early garden varieties are popular among gardeners, less
Demanding on growing conditions:

• Light – proven over the years variety with small dark green
fruits. The mass of watermelons does not exceed 2 kg, but the taste of the fruit
saturated, moderately sweet.

• Crimson Sweet – large-fruited variety, the mass of watermelons reaches 5
kg, the pulp is juicy and tasty. Subject to certain rules
Watermelons are well stored for several months.

• Siberian – a hybrid bred specifically for growing in the harsh
climate resistant to temperature extremes. Fruits are juicy, reach
weight about 5 kg.

• Ultra Early – a medium-bush bush, fruits are small, sweet.
The growing season is 80 days.

This is not all varieties that deserve attention. the main thing
when choosing a variety – this is the period of its growing season. Choose species
with a short term, which does not take place from germination to fruit picking
more than 60-100 days. As a rule, these varieties are well zoned,
resistant to disease, temperature extremes and have a long
shelf life.

How to grow watermelons in Siberia

In the conditions of a short summer, melon crops are planted only
rassadny way. That is why they manage to give good

To start growing seedlings in mid-April. initially
prepare the seeds, for this they are soaked in solution
potassium permanganate for 20-30 minutes, after which the water is changed.
The subsequent soaking is carried out with the addition of a growth stimulator and
fertilizer. So leave the seeds for 1 day in a warm room,
then proceed to the stage of hardening. For 7 days
planting material is kept in the cold, the bottom shelf will do
refrigerator, basement, unheated veranda.

Pre-treatment allows you to get friendly shoots,
stimulates the growth of sprouts, improves plant immunity. Noticed
that in the future they give a high yield compared to other

The technology of growing watermelons in harsh regions is simple,
not much different from ordinary cultures, but has its own secrets. So
дачники предпочитают выращивать арбузы в открытом ground и
greenhouses. What way to choose, solve only gardener, each of
them has its own characteristics.

Посадка и выращивание арбузов в открытом ground в Сибири

Ready seedlings are transferred to a permanent place in the first half.
June, when the threat of night frost is over. Before that her
certainly temper to prepare for further

For посадки выбирают самое теплое место. Prepare in advance
high beds to prevent water stagnation at the roots, otherwise problems
not escape. You can cover the bed with black covering material to
it warms up faster, then the seedlings quickly adapt to the new

Seedlings are planted by the method of transshipment to maximize
save the earthy lump, lash spread in different directions or
sent for support. Flowering begins 2 weeks after
landing. Poll melon in the northern region will have on their own.
With the growth of the ovaries, the harvest is rationed, on one plant they leave from 2
up to 5 fruits. The first watermelons ripen in a month, after the appearance
the ovaries.

Tip! For получения хорошего урожая арбузы пасынкуют, удаляют
heavily overgrown leaves.

Gourd culture does not require special care, but at the moment
pouring ovaries is very demanding on watering, it must be
regular. But during the period of fruit ripening, on the contrary, the regime
watering pruning. A ripeness watermelon can be judged by its tip, it
should be dry.

How to grow watermelons in Siberia: planting in the greenhouse

If a cold summer is expected, it is better to err and
plant watermelons in the greenhouse. This method is more reliable, although

For образования завязей и их роста необходимо поддерживать
the temperature is 20-24 during the day and 18 at night. It is important in the period
ripening fruits provide them enough sunlight.
The greenhouse should be made of modern materials
transmit ultraviolet rays.

Grow watermelons flooring or on supports. Bushes are planted on
a distance of 70-100 cm from each other. At first pruneat
paper or covering material. Seedlings are planted in late May,
when the earth is warm enough. In modern greenhouses with
the use of special equipment dates may vary.

Courting за арбузами так же, как и в открытом ground. Clean up
fruits 35-45 days from the date of their formation.

Problems in growing watermelons in Siberia

The real problem when growing watermelons in a harsh climate
are fungal and bacterial diseases. They develop in
wet and cold weather.

Such diseases can reduce the yield:

• Fusarium wilt;

• powdery mildew;

• white rot;

• root rot;

• bacteriosis;

• anthracnose.

To avoid trouble, plants need to be regularly
spray chemical preparations for prevention. Most
popular among gardeners is “oxy”, it showed good
results in harsh environments. If the defeat did happen,
all diseased parts of the plant must be removed and immediately
to treat with copper.

Follow the irrigation regime, it is not necessary to re-moisten the soil to
Do not provoke root decay. Root neck when landing should
stay on the surface of the soil. Disinfect the soil periodically.
a solution of potassium permanganate and sprinkle with ashes. The disease subsides as
only warm weather will be established, there will not be sharp fluctuations between
day and night temperatures.

In addition to diseases, watermelons suffer from gourd aphids. Pest
affects the underside of the leaves, while they curl,
yield drops, plant growth stops, and it soon
dies. Aphid breeds in wet weather.

To avoid damage, remove weeds from the beds in time.
observe the agrotechnology of cultivation, powder the bushes with ashes,
tobacco dust or spray garlic infusion. If these ways
не помогли, то применения химических препаратов not escape. Of them
the most popular is “Inta-Vir”. Spraying is repeated through
10-14 days.

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