Robert de Niro revealed the secret of his family

Fri, May 30, 2014

Robert de Niro is one of the most secretive actors in Hollywood,
trying to always get around talking about his personal life. but
he decided to lift the veil of the secrets of his life.

In one interview, de Niro said that his father left the family
because of their sexual orientation.

Robert’s father was an avant-garde artist whose works were
very in demand. After the de Niro family moved in 1942
New York, it turned out that the work of De Niro Sr. does not use
popular. Unable to withstand the difficulties, the family fell apart. Long
time it was thought that the decision on divorce was mutual. but теперь
it turned out that the reason for the separation of Robert’s parents was to
sexual orientation of the father of the actor. Robert De Niro admitted that
He has no claims to his father and only regrets that life is
was very short.

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