Rice diet

When Nikolai Baskov sat down on a rice diet, he happened
stomach obstruction and I had to call an ambulance … With you, this is not
happens if you follow the main rule of the rice diet
пить много воды.

Rice diet

The most useful rice is brown, unpeeled, because it is in
rice husk contains most of the nutrients and
fiber. And the more fiber in the product, the fewer calories.
Therefore, such rice is best used for our purposes.

Rice diet № 1 —  «Разгрузочная»

This diet is used to conduct weekly
fasting days. There is nothing easier: take a glass of rice,
boil it (without salt and sugar), divide by 5-6 servings and eat
them during the day. Nothing else. 20 minutes before a meal, drink
a glass of liquid: green tea, fresh juice, mineral water
without gas or even plain water.

Rice diet № 2 —  «Радикальная».

Repeat diet number 1 for three days in a row.

Rice diet № 3 — «Пять чашек риса на

Put 5 large empty cups in a row. Take 2 tbsp. l rice and
pour it into one of the cups. Pour a glass of water. The next
day, change the water in the cup, and in the second cup pour the rice again and
fill with water. And so for 5 days – change the water in the cups with
rice and add to them a new one. On the sixth day instead of breakfast
eat rice from the first cup, and pour fresh portion into it.
Put the cup at the end of the line. The next день съедаете рис из
second cup and cook a new batch.

Soaked rice contains almost no starch, but it remains
fiber, which is a kind of intestinal broom,
cleans it. During the day, eat as usual, but without fanaticism –
no more than 1500 calories. Repeat 2 weeks or until you get bored.

Rice diet № 3 — «Почти как в Японии»

For rice to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, add
lean fish, seafood, vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, beets,
carrots, radishes, beans, squash) fruits (apples, pears, figs,
dates), mushrooms, greens, yogurt, honey, you can have a little vegetables
olive oil. Nothing fried, spicy and salty – boil everything,
Steam or eat raw.

The main rule: additives should be as much as rice.
Duration – 5-7 days, but not more than two weeks. After
the end of the rice diet, try to eat less fat, flour and
sweet No wonder you were sitting on rice.

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