Resting in the Maldives, Volochkova lives separatelyfrom daughter

Sun, 04 May 2014

Anastasia Volochkova is now resting with her daughter and mother on
Maldives. As it turned out, the ballerina’s mother and her daughter live separately, in
�”Cozy hut.” Apparently, Anastasia decided to separate from
your family to fully enjoy the company of your
current lover Bakhtiyar Salimov, with whom, judging by
endless comments Volochkova, they have now period
of love.


Taissiya 05/05/2016 Anastasia and Bakhtiar-beautiful couple. two smart
independent person. if they are in the maldives together yes
not only in the Maldives. I am glad for them from the heart. happy you
rest anastasia bakhtiyar. with respect to you

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