Rescue from constipation for pregnant and lactatingmom

Wed, Oct 14, 2015 Every woman, regardless of age
and occupation, experiencing very special feelings when
news of her pregnancy. After all, the birth of a new life is
the beginning of an extraordinary journey, at times admirable, at times
frightening and no one can say with certainty that it is easy and
simply. In the beginning it seems: the main thing is to be born healthy and on time,
it will be a great result! But then it turns out that the birth
the crumbs are the most important, but far from the only milestone in the long run
of the way. Вот почему молодой momе необходимо, как никогда, быть
attentive to yourself and the needs of your body.

although the topic of constipation is considered very delicate, to bypass it in any way
can not. The fact is that during pregnancy the fetus presses on
intestines, and pregnancy hormones relax its muscles, because of this
intestinal activity of pregnant women decreases. Therefore, keep an eye on
daily bowel movement is just as important as observing
appointment of doctors and time to pass the necessary tests. What if
малыш уже появился на свет, и все внимание его momы направлено
only on him, she especially should take the time to
watch your chair. After all, from long-term constipation spoils
mood, depression and fatigue appear, and young
momа не может себе никак этого позволить, так как ее усталость и
irritation immediately passed to the baby.

Scientists have proven that our mood directly depends on
intestinal hormone serotonin, and sluggish, poorly
the working intestines are not able to do this and therefore
needs help. Let’s not forget about the skin on which, as in
mirror reflects all the problems of the body. With constipation skin
it becomes insufficiently elastic and resilient, gray appears
оттенок и высыпания, а будущей или кормящей momе это вряд ли пойдет
for good!

In addition, in the period of waiting for the baby and feeding the woman is often
gaining extra pounds, and constipation increase
overweight and difficult to lose weight. The problem of overweight is easier
будет справиться, если пищеварение молодой momы не будет омрачено
constipation, because with an active intestine return to
the former form will not be too difficult due to the complex
necessary exercises. But it will be later, but for now it is necessary
сосредоточиться на отдыхе — и беременная женщина, и кормящая momа
should know that the intestinal synthesized hormone melatonin
leads to good sleep at any time of the day, but in order to
excreted in sufficient quantity, the intestine must keep active

AND, разумеется, главное для будущей и кормящей momы — ее крепкий
immunity. It’s amazing, but 80% of immune cells are also in
intestines! Intestinal problems lead to a decrease in resistance
the entire body to the effects of pathogenic bacteria.

AND поскольку выражение «Предупрежден — значит вооружен» не было
complete without the proposed action plan, it’s time to move on to
что на самом деле могло бы помочь беременным и кормящим momам в
such a delicate matter as the fight against constipation.

Well known
that food during this period must be very balanced in order to
do not cause unnecessary allergic reactions in the baby and his mother,
so the proposal to eat more vegetables and fruits may not be suitable
– not all vegetables and fruits at this moment will be useful. Dangerous also
resort to potent laxatives because
bowel care should be gentle and effective. In this period
Fitomucil norms – the natural remedy, in
the composition of which includes the seeds of a special variety Plantago plantain
Psillium and plum fruits.

Since it does not contain senna and other chemical additives, its
the action will be quite delicate, will not cause painful
spasms in the intestines and allergic reactions in the baby. Bag
Phytomucil norm, dissolved in a glass of kefir, juice or yogurt,
helps to restore bowel activity in a natural way
помогая молодым momам сохранить здоровье и активность.

The beginning of a long journey called “motherhood” is nothing
must be overshadowed! Take Fitomucil norms and your intestines
will work like a clock.

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