Putting the child to school. What canto save?

Thu, Aug 21, 2014

When your child goes to school, especially in the first grade – this
an important, even significant event not only for the very future
student, but for the whole family. Mom and Dad, of course, want
to get for the student all the good and beautiful. However all
This training takes a lot of effort, money and time. Save on
School fees are not only possible, but even necessary.

What is worth saving, and what is not?

First of all, a first grader needs to wear and buy a lot.
school supplies. Do not get too hung up on saving
on accessories, here it is better to give the child the right to choose. After all,
imposing on him a cheaper thing that the child does not like you with
easily discourage interest in learning. Especially on notebooks and pens
You can not save a significant amount. Besides, here you can
to cheat and use the strategy of “exclusivity and
individuality ”- tell the child that the thing he
chose, will be at all, and offer him your option, arguing
This is the fact that he alone will be the owner of such a unique

But school clothes – this is the thing on which you can most
to save. For a start it is worth saying that many schools
forcibly imposes factories in which you must acquire
school uniform. Try to get around this, because most often this
the purchase will cost a lot, and the quality will leave
want something better Buy a school uniform on your own, from another
manufacturer, observing the color scheme, and selecting the product taking into account
�”price quality”. Thus, you will save a very decent
amount of.

In general, it is worth buying not only a uniform but also a garment factory.
casual clothes, sportswear and shoes – the price will be
significantly lower than the brand boutique, and the quality will remain
the same.

Also, do not forget that from about mid-August,
All large networks of children’s stores starts “school bazaar” –
sale of school goods with discounts.

Also, with great success, you can save on school
textbooks. To get started, contact the school administration and
find out which textbooks are missing — make a list and
Move to the school literature store. By the way in
specialized stores of school literature textbooks will be
much cheaper than the usual “book”. Just smart
The solution is to order literature in online stores. It is convenient and
not expensive.

And do not buy everything at once for a whole year. Sometimes, buying immediately
all that “look at the eyes,” half of this may not
come in handy. Purchase only the most necessary, and then you will
Buy more as needed. Also, by doing so, you
bring up thrift in children, more attentive to
things. After all, when there is a lot of everything, everything is abundant – to lose or
spoil the thing is not so sorry.

And be sure to revise what’s left of the past.
years: from small stationery to school uniforms.
Collect all that else can be used in the new academic
year, so you do not spend too much!

Sales, sales …

Do not forget that some chain stores for children are satisfied
Great promotions and discounts in August, look for just such shops,
After all, a 50% discount on school supplies is a great way.

For example, excellent suggestions for preparing for school
supermarkets for children “Daughters and sons”, and shops sports
clothes “Sportmaster” to September 1, conduct an action “Ready for school!”

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