Pumpkin nursing and pregnant women: is it possibleit is and in what form. What is useful pumpkin during pregnancy andfeeding

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Orange pumpkin is an incredibly healthy vegetable. The dishes are very her
tasty, low-calorie and easy for the stomach. There is no reason
refuse pumpkin nursing and pregnant women.


Useful properties of pumpkin

If you have a pumpkin regularly, you can save for many years
excellent health, beauty, prevent the development of dangerous
diseases. In table pumpkin varieties

• carotenoids involved in the synthesis of retinol (vitamin A);

• powerful natural plant antioxidants
descent, reducing the risk of cellular pathologies, including
cancer development;

• vitamins PP, B, C, E, as well as the most important trace elements (phosphorus,
iron, copper);

• pectins and fiber, indispensable for normal activity

Pumpkin belongs to those rare dietary products that
differ in low caloric content and remarkable taste. From her
You can cook soups, main dishes (including meat and fish), and
also used for baking cakes, buns, cookies,
cooking desserts and cooking jam.

Pumpkin is indispensable for the nutrition of people with stomach ulcers,
diseases of the liver, pops, nervous system, heart and blood vessels,
suffering from metabolic disorders and obesity. Pumpkin pulp
heals ulcers, removes toxins and slags, normalizes sleep, relieves
swelling due to a powerful diuretic effect. She fast
restores the liver.

Especially good pumpkin for people whose body needs
recovery from surgery or hepatitis A, as well as those whose
immunity weakened by severe or chronic disease. Pumpkin
pulp helps to reduce bad cholesterol, getting rid of
puffiness. If there are injuries to the skin caused by eczema, dermatitis,
burns, the application of raw pumpkin compresses makes it easier

What is the use of pumpkin for pregnant women

Pumpkin during pregnancy is considered an indispensable vegetable, in any
case, one of the most useful vegetable products
origin. For women in an interesting position, problems with
intestines are very relevant. Thanks to the vegetable pumpkin
future mothers have no constipation, the intestines work like

Pumpkin’s ability to excrete excess fluid
allows you to avoid the formation of edema. This is especially true on
late pregnancy in the third trimester.

In the first months after conception, when many future moms do
suffer from toxicosis, pumpkin can be used as effective
an antiemetic of plant origin, absolutely
safe for both mom and fetus. Consuming dishes from
pumpkin, pregnant gets rid of the symptoms of toxemia.

In addition, due to the rich vitamin-mineral complex,
contained in the pumpkin pulp can be prevented
avitaminosis. Useful pumpkin is indispensable in terms of saturation of the body
a pregnant woman necessary for the normal development of the child
beneficial substances.

Pumpkin pulp обладает и противовоспалительными свойствами,
strengthen the heart and immune defense of the future mother’s body, saturate
its potassium and iron. Pumpkin during pregnancy avoids
iron deficiency anemia and thus prevent hypoxia

Adequate intake of potassium and phosphorus guarantee
normal development of bones, articular tissue, correct
formation of the musculoskeletal system.

It is important that the calorie pumpkin is very low, only 23 calories per
100 grams, so you can eat it all you want. A set of excess
weight pregnant does not threaten. Thus, the benefits of orange vegetable
for the expectant mother is obvious.

What is useful pumpkin nursing moms

Do not give up the use of pumpkin nursing moms.
It is the richest source of beneficial plant substances,
natural vitamins and essential minerals for the body
newborn baby. If a woman eats a pumpkin, she
enriches breast milk with excellent vitamin and mineral
complex. This allows the child to grow up healthy and happy.

The presence in the pumpkin of B vitamins provide mothers with quick
recuperation, getting rid of insomnia, postpartum
depression, chronic fatigue associated with lack of sleep. Besides
Moreover, due to vitamins hair, nails, teeth, bones remain
strong, preserves feminine beauty.

Vitamin T, very rare in nature, which is contained in a pumpkin,
eliminates uterine bleeding, restores normal
blood clotting, normalizes the process of platelet formation.
It also prevents obesity, which is important for peace of mind.
young mother who needs to eat fully and varied.
Pumpkin nursing mothers helps to return the figure to the antenatal
condition rather quickly and without painful diets.

The property of the pumpkin to normalize the work of the intestines, necessary for
the mother’s body provides comfort to the newborn baby.
If the mother eats pumpkin dishes, then the child is fine with
digestion and stool, and this is perhaps the most great care and
the joy of a young mother. Neither colic nor newborn constipation
there will be a calm night he and the happiness of motherhood for a woman

How to eat pumpkin nursing moms

Pumpkin lactating and pregnant women are very necessary. If there is
opportunity, e need to include in the diet at any time of the year.
Единственное, о чем нужно помнить при feeding грудью
newborn so it’s about the dangers of allergy to orange
the pulp.

Therefore, the rules are as follows:

• for the first time since the beginning of breastfeeding, the pumpkin can be eaten at
the tenth day since the birth of the baby, not earlier;

• during the first days you need to eat no more than one tea
spoon a day, after which monitor skin and intestinal reactions

• gradually a portion of pumpkin can be increased to one hundred grams per day,
if the child’s body has not reacted by redness of the skin,
rashes, diarrhea, diarrhea, etc.

Nursing mother should be very careful to drink fresh pumpkin
the juice. The fact is that it can cause carotenemia –
staining the skin of a newborn in lemon color. It happens,
if the baby’s body is carotene sensitive.

The most appropriate option for using pumpkin during pregnancy
and during breastfeeding is baking, boiling and stewing.
They allow you to save a maximum of vitamins and diversify the table.
You can cook porridge, soups, desserts, bake pumpkin with apples,
plums, vegetables in the form or pot. Use spices in
the diet of a nursing mother is undesirable, but cream, sour cream, cheese in
recipes are valid.

But to eat a roasted pumpkin is not worth either pregnant or nursing
to the woman. Frying in oil makes the dish too greasy, that
Affects digestion is not the best way. For a newborn
baby fried food is contraindicated, so mom will have to forget
for the period of breastfeeding about this method of preparation

Including pumpkin in your diet, pregnant woman and nursing mother
provides a great service to your body, and the body of the child.
He will be born strong, healthy and will give mom great happiness.

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