Proper planting of cucumbers in the greenhouse frompolycarbonate. The subtleties of preparing vines seedlings and planting seedlingsto the greenhouse

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Containing a lot of vitamins and juicy cucumber so
пришел к нам из тропиков, по этой причине посадка огурцов to the greenhouse
polycarbonate must take into account the peculiarities of this

It is important to select suitable seeds, varieties capable of growing in
protected structures, get strong and healthy seedlings and
create optimal conditions for plants.

As a result, you can get a decent harvest in the greenhouse.

Attention! It is important to correctly identify
время, когда сеянцы будут готовы к посадке to the greenhouse. No matter how
it is strange to find it easy, look at the plants – they should
fully formed 5-6 leaves (cotyledons are not considered),
1-2 tendrils should grow, the plant should have a thick stalk
no evidence of disease and a bundle of intact roots (damage
root system can ruin seedlings of cucumber).

Preparing a greenhouse for cucumbers

According to experienced gardeners, it is in a polycarbonate greenhouse
You can get a rich harvest of fruits. The question is why so
is going on?

Firstly, in such a structure is easier to create suitable for vines
microclimate – there are no gaps in the construction, the rays of the summer sun are not
burn vegetative mass and easier to organize the right

Secondly, there is no need to cover the greenhouse for the winter,
for this reason, in the spring it is possible to start the necessary work earlier and
make them faster. As a regular result, thermophilic
Plants are planted earlier in the garden. Of course, prepare a greenhouse
By planting seedlings need thoroughly. Like a plant coming from
tropics, cucumber is very sensitive to various pests and
diseases. Its genetic code does not have the necessary protection against
our diseases.

If cucumbers were already growing in the greenhouse, and they were sick during the season,
it is necessary to completely replace the soil, and treat the greenhouse
chlorine solution – dissolve in 1 bucket of water 400 g of lime, after
just whiten the structural elements of the structure, especially
carefully process the frame structure.

Preparation of beds for cucumbers in greenhouses

After that you need to check the acidity of the soil – it should not
exceed 6.5 units. If the indicator will be more, it is necessary
add lime. Cucumbers do not respond well to acidity,
this soil is favorable for many harmful microorganisms and

Before planting seedlings, it is necessary to prepare the beds. By this
Reason to make compost or fresh manure better in spring. Optimally –
add 10-15 kg per 1 m2.

Feed the soil per 1 m2:

• Wood ash 2 tablespoons;

• Superphosphate 2 tsp;

• Special composition for cucumbers or “Eco” mix 2 kg.

Try to sprinkle the mixture evenly, then rake
mix the ground to the depth of the spade bayonet floor. Water the garden
stimulator “Energen”, dissolving the capsule in a bucket of warm water
(temperature about 50 degrees), mix and water the soil,
2-3 liters per 1 m2. So you saturate the soil with humus, increasing

Landing pattern

Традиционно в теплице посадку огурцов to the greenhouse из поликарбоната
produce on beds 100 cm wide, leaving 50 cm tracks
between the plants in a row the space is 40 cm. On the beds you can
plant both seedlings and previously prepared seeds.
By planting seedlings, you can be sure that you are healthy and
strong planting material, and when planting seeds will not be required
injure plants with gentle roots.

But first you need to grow seedlings, for
of this:

1. • Pre-prepared soil mixture (or sand with peat)
scatter in plastic cups;

2. • They are poured over with very hot water – as a result
harmful microorganisms have been destroyed;

3. • When the soil becomes warm, dry seeds are pressed down by 1-2 cm.
straight into the creamy mixture and close the food cups

4. • In the morning you can already see the first seedlings.

Before planting seedlings, water the beds and prepare the planting
the holes. They need to be placed in a checkerboard pattern in 50-60 cm. So
You can give each plant the necessary amount of light.
Pour them after planting with the Effekton-O solution, dissolving 3 tbsp.
composition in a bucket of water with a temperature of 30 degrees, injected with 1 l of liquid
on each well. Do not forget that the soil in the greenhouse as the air
has its own temperature regime, when planting seedlings soil
should be no colder than 18 degrees.

Посадку огурцов to the greenhouse из поликарбоната производят, размещая
seedlings strictly vertically. Seedlings too long after
planting sprinkle with a mixture of sawdust and peat 1: 1 – to the cotyledons.

Plant plants on the beds carefully – you can not tilt or
fall asleep strongly of the stem, otherwise the seedling may die. Water
necessary so as to soak 15-20 cm of soil (root zone).
Consider that the roots of fruit bearing plants are located at a depth of
18-20 cm

Many novice gardeners are interested in whether to fall asleep stem
plants or not worth it? First you need to figure out what
will this operation. Falling asleep plant stem, you provoke
formation of additional roots, and the appearance of lateral shoots.
For regions with a long growing season it is suitable
reception, more powerful root and more vegetative mass with good
Illumination will bring more fruit. But for the northern and middle
stripes, the stem dripping is undesirable, otherwise the plant will spend
forces on the growth of greens and root processes.

Formation of cucumber bush in the greenhouse

Cucumber growing in a greenhouse needs to be formed into one shoot.
A week later, the plants are tied up with supports, gradually each
the interstices of growing lashes are wrapped in twine. After
the stem will reach to the top of the trellis, pinch the tip of the shoot. On
the lower sinuses remove all the inflorescences, and tear off the lateral buds
whips. Lower ovaries grow very slowly, they slow down growth
bush, taking away from other parts of the plant nutrition. Regular 4-6
shoots that form at the bottom of the bush pinch (pinch point
growth) above the first leaf, you can leave on the lashes 1-2 ovary.
Shoots in the middle of the stem are pinned above the second leaf.

Important points

Note – if the planted seedlings on the second day turned white edge
leaves, then there may be 2 reasons – low temperature or

In the first case, if the temperature of the soil was low, the roots
plants start to rot, as a result, leaves appear
White spots. In this case, water the soil with warm water.
dissolved potassium permanganate. It is advisable to warm the air in
greenhouse, though it will not help much – you need to heat the ground,
and then raise the temperature in the greenhouse.

When a disease appears, it is better to remove the plant immediately;
the infection can get on other bushes in the greenhouse. Spring or in
autumn period must treat disinfectants
the whole structure. This nuisance can occur if landing
огурцов to the greenhouse из поликарбоната произведена не своими
plants, and bought on the market.

Here are all the main points that you might encounter.
novice gardener. And then – regular care for bushes
cucumber and the daily harvest of a rich harvest!

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