Proper nutrition for weight loss

and the chiseled figure is the dream of absolutely every modern girl,
however, not everyone is ready to attend regularly for this.
gymnasium and fatigue yourself with long physical

As a result of finding easier ways and solutions, excessive
cutting their diets for many becomes the only
tool to achieve the goal in a short time.

But everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance, and
the miraculous effectiveness of such fasting usually does not bring
nothing good in the short term.

The point is that the main point in a well-constructed
The process of losing weight is proper nutrition. And correspondingly,
if your current weight is not quite perfect, then you have allowed
mistakes in its original planning.

To remedy this situation, first of all
analyze and master the basic methods of proper nutrition for
weight loss. In this concept there is no clear definition of what is possible,
and what to use in your daily diet is not worth it. Required
just learn to distinguish between healthy and healthy foods for yourself, with
through which you can achieve the desired result.

The main features of proper nutrition for weight loss

1. Calories

The main dogma of proper nutrition is an overweight person.
the body should systematically consume fewer calories,
rather than spend his body in the process of daily

However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the nutritional value
consumed food (which, by the way, has nothing to do with
calorie) should be on a level. In other words it is
chemical composition of a product that takes into account
protein content, fat, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, vitamins,
minerals and other elements.

A sharp decrease in daily calories can be disastrous.
affect the overall health of the person. With the so-called
fast diets the body begins to experience extreme stress. AT
result, despite the initial disposal of part of the excess
weight, while restoring normal nutrition occurs active
the deposition of fat reserves in the event of the next “hunger strike”.

To maintain normal functioning of the female body
it is necessary not more than 2000 kcal per day, for men – about 2500, and
This means that all calories above the specified figures should be strictly limited. BUT
if you add to this also the proper level of physical activity
(for example, classes on the Health disk), then the result will be
faster and more obvious.


So, first of all you need to think carefully and
balance your diet so as not to feel a sense
hunger throughout the day. Getting all the nutrition you need
substances from food, you will lose weight only due to
artificial total calorie deficit. In addition, natural
products created by nature, a priori, not so calorie than
manufactured by the factory.

Of course, the process of losing weight in this case will be more
long, but the expected result will surprise you very pleasantly.
The main thing is do not rush! ATедь избыточный вес вы накапливали не один
year, so be prepared to make some effort to
achieve the goal.

And another equally important point that will interest all
girls The fact is that as a result of rapid weight loss skin
can greatly stretch, which will later lead to
stretch marks.

ATедь с годами человек, как известно, не молодеет, и его кожа
gradually loses its former elasticity, therefore, to adapt
to new bodily changes, it will be more and more difficult. but
under the principles of proper nutrition, weight loss will be
occur more measuredly, allowing the body to gradually

2. Breakfast – the basis of your diet!

ATспомните прямо сейчас, как начинается ваше утро!? Sure you
in a hurry, make yourself up and do your hair, then think what
wear today as a result you are sorely lacking
time to sit down and have a quiet breakfast. AT лучшем случае – это
A morning cup of cappuccino coffee and a sandwich.

AT результате лишний вес! But why? The reason is because
time in the body develops a habit during this period of the day
starve, which translates into a heightened sense of hunger
lunch and evening.

And here the principle – eat less, lose weight faster – not at all
is valid. This is due to the fact that breakfast is the basis of everything
of the day, and what you saturate your body with at this time is very important.
For example, a dish that includes valuable proteins and complex carbohydrates,
helps not only to lose weight, but also to accustom the body to the correct
eating habits. Plus, it improves metabolism and
mood, you will feel an extraordinary surge of cheerfulness and

Also pay attention to the split meals: you need
eat 5-6 times a day in small portions. This will allow you to
throughout the day do not feel hungry, that when dealing with excess
weights are extremely welcome otherwise it may lead to
food breakdowns. You can also not eat at night (the last meal is not
later 2 – 3 hours before bedtime).


3. “Right” weight loss products

As you know, carbohydrates are the main source of energy for
any living organism. And the most preferred of them –
�”Slow carbohydrates”, which are rich in cereals, unpolished rice,
whole grain pasta, unleavened bread, baked
potatoes, etc. It is these foods that are preferable to use on
breakfast. Chocolate, sugar and other sweets should be reduced to

Also essential elements of a healthy diet are
lean proteins and healthy fats. The best sources of protein:
lean meat, turkey, chicken, fish, egg white, dairy
products and nuts. As for fats, their daily allowance
contains only two tablespoons of olive (vegetable)
oil or handful of nuts.

Also to the “right” products include: grapes, apples, pears,
carrots, cucumbers, eggplants, zucchini, radishes, broccoli and tomatoes. Bread
replace bread rolls made from wholemeal flour. Consume
dried prunes and dried apricots. Useful walnuts, almonds,
pumpkin seeds.

Nutritionists recommend to eliminate from your diet sweet,
salted, smoked products, as well as pastries and other goodies.
but строгих запретов не существует, поэтому несколько шоколадных
Candy you do not hurt. The main thing is not to abuse!

It is also very important to drink at least 1.5 liters during the day.
clean non-carbonated water that is needed for cleaning
body and well dulls the feeling of hunger. Still very useful
green and red tea. BUT вот от сладкой газировки лучше отказаться,
it is a source of extremely empty calories.

4. Contraindications for weight loss

Losing weight is necessary to remove the following from your diet.

  • Chips, crackers, salted nuts, popcorn and other convenience foods
    such a plan.
  • Chocolate, sweets, marshmallows and other goodies.
  • Soups and instant mashed potatoes.
  • Flour products: white bread, buns, pies, cookies,
    cake, sandwiches.
  • Fried potatoes, pancakes, pancakes, cheesecakes, curds and
  • Mayonnaise, margarine, butter.
  • Smoked sausages
  • Various canned food
  • Ice cream
  • Sweet drinks
  • Alcohol

5. And a couple of tips!

ATсе блюда, которые вы будете кушать в дальнейшем, необходимо
learn to cook properly. And the most suitable option for you
will be boiled, steamed or baked in the oven
food. The main thing is not fried in a pan.

Try to make your daily menu more varied.
Experiment more with salads, as in this direction you
everything is permitted. Stick to this power system, and you
see how nice and useful it is in your personal


AT чем суть диеты для снижения веса!?

Diets are a special kind of food, with which you can
tidy up your own body. But if before they were used
only for medicinal purposes, today
available to a wide range of people. BUT значит, совершенно любой человек
(regardless of weight, age and gender) can use them
for your own good.

By itself, the transition to proper nutrition is already good.
but для более эффективного результата можно придерживаться и
weight loss diets that allow you to easily and without stress
for the body to lose weight.

The basis of such diets – the creation of a deficit of energy consumption. Other
In words, this is a gradual reduction in the calorie content of your daily
diet to the optimum level.

Also a very important condition will be the correct completion of the diet.
This is due to the fact that after prolonged restrictions on food
the body will be difficult to adapt to the old diet. For this
try not to dramatically increase the number of calories by doing this

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