Propagation of indoor roses at home:instruction for cutting with photo, suitable dates and methodsrooting roses

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The rosary on the windowsill is beautiful and comfortable
especially for those who do not have a dacha. But bought in
the store plants take root for a long time, fade after the first
flowering Saving roses will help grafting, at home
You can get a fully adapted flower.

It remains only to deal with the methods and rules.

What kind of roses can be grafted at home

Not all types of roses are suitable for home rooting, for example,
forcing a hybrid tea beauty to grow in the room will not work.
The root system of this plant requires a lot of space and soil. AT
The room grows miniature plants that are very similar to
garden counterparts.

Bengali red and many species respond well to grafting.
polyanthus roses. They are not capricious, they bloom profusely and for a long time,
do not require special conditions of detention.

Terms of grafting and rules for the preparation of planting
of the material

Good results are obtained by rooting cuttings in spring and summer. Their
harvested after the planned pruning of roses, well, if the escape is already
bloom or fade.

Cut the cuttings with sterile tools, for this scissors
or wipe the knife with alcohol or a solution of potassium permanganate. ATыбирают побег
with kidneys, the length of which is not more than 12 cm.

Preparation of cuttings:

• make the lower cut oblique and right under the kidney;

• leave the top edge even, cut 1 cm above the kidney.

• to dry the lower cut, process the edge with stimulants
root formation.

Root cuttings can be in different ways, but most often shoots
put in water or planted in the ground.

Rooting cuttings of roses in water

Rooted cuttings in boiled warm water, do not use raw.
For germination will need a container of dark glass or
plastic. The jar is filled with water and put on a bright place, but
without direct sunlight. As the liquid evaporates, add
warm water. No need to completely change the water.

Cuttings of indoor roses take root in a few weeks, then
they are planted in a pot.

As at home rooting cuttings of roses in the ground

In order not to weaken the plant and increase the chances of success, experienced
Gardeners rooted cuttings of indoor roses immediately in the ground. Soil
choose a loose and nutritious, suitable mixture of leaf humus,
sod land and sand. You can buy a universal primer for
indoor plants.

Capacity for rooting choose not wide, but deep. For
These goals are well suited for a tall disposable glass or
plastic bottle without neck. Do not forget to make holes in
bottom so that excess fluid can go away.

Basics of rooting:

• Fill a quarter of the pot with drainage and add soil;

• make a hole and plant the prepared stalk,
digging one soil into the ground;

• well water the soil, cover with a package to create greenhouse

Rooting takes up to two weeks, do not forget to air
greenhouse, if necessary, water the soil. Put the pot on
bright place.

As soon as new shoots and leaves appear, the plant
transplanted. It blooms in the same year.

Rose care at home after grafting

When young plants begin to grow, they are transplanted into
standing pot. Do not choose too large capacity, otherwise the bush
will slowly develop, bloom linger.

Transplantation is carried out by the method of transshipment, trying not to destroy
earthy lump and not injure the young roots. Note that in
Capacity 500 ml seedling can safely survive the first winter. ATесной
The bush is transplanted into a spacious pot, but its size depends on
sizes of plants.

ATажно! ATысота надземной части растения
it is level with the depth of the pot, and the width of the container is slightly larger
root system.

To care for indoor roses is not difficult, in the fall the pots are removed
on the glassed-in loggia and kept cool. In winter it is better to keep
away from batteries, dry air has a bad effect on appearance
and plant health. AT первый год после черенкования розы выпускают
flower buds, but you should not expect abundant flowering. It is only possible
after full rooting and development of the bush.

Watering indoor roses

These beautiful flowers love abundant watering, especially during
active growth.

ATоду используйте отстоявшуюся, без примеси хлора.

It will not be superfluous to spray the plant, once a month you can
process liquid mineral fertilizers.

However, on hot summer days such feeding is better


The first time the cuttings are fed one month after transplantation.
Use long-acting granular fertilizers that
simply placed in a pot, or liquid ready-made complexes for flowering
plants. ATодорастворимые подкормки вносят 2 раза в месяц. In the autumn
feeding stop.

ATажно! If you have winter varieties
roses, which produce buds in the fall, they are fed into this
period, and in the summer make the period of rest.

Features of the content of indoor roses

Indoor roses grow well at temperatures from +10 ° С to + 25
�WITH. However, they do not tolerate overheating and dry air.
Pots of plants are placed on the western or eastern window, where
the sun will not scorch the leaves.

Roses love fresh air, so they are useful from spring to autumn.
contain on the balcony. ATсе это время не забывайте осматривать кусты
for the presence of pests and regularly sprayed.

AT комнату горшки возвращают, когда ночная температура опускается
ниже +10 �WITH. In the autumn их можно выставить на южное окно, где будет
enough light for further development.

Wintering at the plant begins after it is fully
will bloom. Watering reduce, dressing clean. Bushes pruned on
growing moon. It is necessary that the next time they are abundant
bloomed. ATсю зиму растения содержат при температуре не выше +15

With the arrival of spring, roses are plentifully watered, renewing dressing.
After being passed frosts, again endured to the air.

Diseases and pests of indoor roses

House roses are often sick, they are affected by pests. �”Grandma’s
treatment methods do not always help, as at home
defeat spreads rapidly. How to help the weak

Aphids on roses

ATредитель поселяется на верхушках молодых побегов и бутонах. With
the first signs of a lesion are sprayed with the drug Intavir.
Need to handle all the plants that are on it
window sill.

Spider mite

Dry air provokes the appearance of a pest that
short term is able to destroy all landings. Peak falls on
autumn and winter. AT качестве профилактики осенью растения
sprayed with drugs “Fitoverm”, “Aktellik.” Processing is carried out
twice at intervals of several days.

Fungal diseases

Increased humidity and humidity in the room lead to powdery
dew, root rot, rust leaves. To air not
stagnated near the bushes, regularly pruning, remove dry
inflorescences. AT целях профилактики и лечения используют препараты
�”Fundazol” and “Topaz”.

Potted roses are sprayed in the open air;
in a day. AT жилых помещениях обработки не проводят!

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