Products for a good mood

Products for a good mood

Myths and legends are full of stories about elixirs
youth, heroic strength, immortality, about drinks that allow
turn into animals, become invisible,
to fly…

But it is almost impossible to find references to
means magically improving mood (after potions,
forcing to forget the whole world and yourself – not in

Perhaps it happened because of the fact that the ancients more than us,
was aware of the existence of food capable of improving the state
human nervous system.

But, thanks to the efforts of scientists, and today is available to us
plan your diet, including in it what is tasty, as well as
very useful. And that’s what kind of nutrition in question.


Dessert ripe fruits are saturated with pyridoxine (vitamin B6),
which helps a person stay in good spirits
even with prolonged stress. More fruits contain alkaloid harman,
because of which you can experience a feeling like euphoria. Banana
will help improve your mood when there is no strength for anything because
intellectual loads.


Products for a good mood

Be sure to have a high cocoa content – because it has
magnesium, which removes the physical manifestations of stress (including trembling and
weakness). Sweetness also increases blood flow to the brain.
and provokes an almost instantaneous release of endorphins, thanks to which
one can feel calm and contentment. And what’s interesting is –
a person feels similar when embraced
soul mate or go bask in the summer sun.


Products for a good mood

The scarlet color of the pulp provides pigment lycopene and it is also recognized
one of the most powerful plant antioxidants. Enough
its entry into the body can save from seasonal (spring)
depression and general depression. We can say that thanks to him,
the world plays with all colors. In addition to watermelon, a lot of lycopene in the dog rose
and tomatoes.


We note immediately that the fillet of veal, pork, lamb and chicken
should be used to achieve the effect in pure form, and not in
small percentages in soy semi-finished products. Exclusively then from
the meat will receive a sufficient amount of the amino acid tyrosine,
increases the level of the hormone dopamine, due to which it is possible
to experience pleasure only in anticipation of some kind
Have a nice event, action.

It is also useful to have liver pastes – iron and other.
trace elements, contribute to the enrichment of body cells with oxygen.
And its lack directly leads to deterioration of cognitive abilities.
(orientation in space, memory, imagination) and increased


A pinch, a small piece of it in any dish allows you to experience
pleasure is comparable to that which falls positively on
people after long, intense workouts in the gym. BUT
Responsible for this substance capsaicin, which also underlies
pungent pods. Moreover, this is a strong burning sensation in the mouth.
the body reacts instantly – giving a signal for release
endorphins to relieve pain (although for most it’s just
spicy burning sensation).


Products for a good mood

Each bowl of porridge or any other dish with Hercules
cereals / oatmeal supply the body with a portion of the substance under
called tryptophan. And this is an essential amino acid, that is
otherwise, from food, man has nowhere to receive it. Without her in
principle, the production of serotonin – the famous hormone
happiness Responsible, by the way, not only for a good mood,
but also for sensual (sexual) desires of a person.

Green tea

It is important to note that the theanine antioxidant acts on
the body is full, tea should be drunk fresh and hot.
Then this substance will reveal its influence to the full – it will remove
physical and psycho-emotional stress, anxiety, will help
relax, however – without causing drowsiness or slowing down the reaction.
Green tea sweets, such as chocolate, will act on
the brain is especially fast.

A fish

Products for a good mood

The most delicious seafood (and partly fresh water) is salmon,
trout, sardines, tuna and mackerel are all rich in fat
Omega-3 acids, due to which a person not only can
be in a good mood, but it is also able to keep
hold it regardless of external circumstances. BUT
saturation of fish with biologically active substances that can
work out only in sea water, allows its lovers,
to concentrate on the main thing and not to allow trifles to touch


It is a source of already called tryptophan, as well as folic
acid (vitamin B9), with a sufficient level in the body which
you can see calm, pleasant dreams and wake up with
a feeling of new strength (scarcity leads to fatigue from nightmares). Besides
In addition, B9 protects a person from neurosis and the so-called effect
�”Contagion” bad mood, the blues from others.

Sea kale

Products for a good mood

Scientists have proven that almost all edible sea greens
stimulates adrenal gland hormone synthesis adrenaline. He before
just need to dangerous situations (like jumping on you
tiger), but if you experience its shortage in peaceful life, it leads to
chronic fatigue and gloomy mood.


Products for a good mood

In particular – its hard, long-standing varieties and
noble varieties with blue mold. They are all rich
special amino acids – tyramine and phenylalanine. First
is involved in the production of serotonin and can suppress stress if
excitement crosses the critical level, the second – allows
instantly identify and perceive some objects / events
the world around us as sources of joy.

The story of edible sources of joy would be
incomplete without mentioning products that may seem
good mood friends, and in fact they are
as such, but only if they are consumed in a small

These are coffee and sweets (like sweets, cakes and
cookies). If you abuse these goodies, instead of lifting
energy and positive tide over time will begin to be felt
chronic fatigue, headaches, and a tendency to

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