Principles of healthy eating

To eat right, control your weight and stay
healthy, it is important to navigate well in what you eat.

Principles of healthy eating

  1. Try to eat less sugar, all kinds of sweets, sweets, and
    as any products containing sugar. Fructose is nothing
    different from sugar, it is also caloric and just as fast

    Junk food restaurants add sugar to everything, even cheese, so
    harmful food seems so delicious to everyone. Morning flakes that
    advertised as the correct breakfast, also contain a lot of sugar.
    Instead, it is better to eat natural porridge from the hercules with

  2. Smoked, salted products, dark cold cuts, sprinkled
    salt nuts, dried fish and everything that contains a lot of salt is harmful and
    promotes fluid retention in the body. If you cook yourself, then
    instead of the usual salt, it is better to use sea salt. In her less
    sodium chloride.
  3. Buy wholemeal bread and thin wholegrain
    loaves of bread Cook for a side dish buckwheat, quinoa, brown unpolished rice.
    Less rolls, white rice, any white flour products and
    refined carbohydrates. They are calories, but the nutrients in them
    few, such foods are called empty calories.
  4. Eat as many vegetables and fruits as possible. Cook every day
    big colorful vegetable salad. Drink freshly squeezed vegetables more often.
    juices. They are rich in living enzymes and many valuable
    micronutrients. If you don’t have a juicer at home, eat
    you haven’t started right yet.
  5. Nutrition должно быть разнообразным. Each product contains
    unique nutrients with its range of uses.
    Try to eat as many different foods as possible – both shrimp and
    mushrooms, and fruits. The worst habit is to eat every day.
    same Especially when it comes to pasta with sausage.

    Try to eat vegetables and fruits of different colors. Color paint
    talks about unique flavonoids that are only contained in this
    the fetus. The more colors on your plate, the more useful it is for

    Lack of nutrients is one of the causes of overeating. On
    lack of micronutrients the body responds with hunger,
    forcing you to eat more.

  6. May you always have nuts and seeds at home. Eat each
    a day a handful of unsalted nuts, sprinkle cereal and vegetable salads
    Linseed or pumpkin seeds, add them to baking. Seeds
    contain beneficial fatty acids and many valuable minerals.
  7. Drink more pure water. Less pasteurized juices and
    stuffed with sugar and preservatives, carbonated drinks. If a
    like lemonade, cook it yourself: mix
    mineral water, fresh lemon juice and honey. You can add mint and
  8. Include in your diet foods rich in healthy fats.
    Fat sea fish, avocados and seeds – that’s what should be daily
    attend your desk.

    Carefully consider the choice of vegetable oil. More useful
    all – oil first cold pressed. Refined
    deodorized oil is best used for frying. Salads
    season with cold-pressed olive oil.

  9. Try to eat less semi-finished and any processed
    products such as sausages and sausages. To the meat turned into
    sausage, it is treated for a long time and pumped with preservatives and
    flavoring additives.  Unfortunately, whole meat now too
    syringes with chemical cocktails, and animals are fed antibiotics.

    Farmer’s unprimed meat can still be bought from
    single sellers in markets or in firms distributing
    farm products. Most market sellers have the same meat
    stuffed like in supermarkets.

  10. Always read about the composition of the products on the labels. By
    opportunities, buy products without preservatives, emulsifiers,
    artificial colors, margarine and palm oil.

    The sweets that in the old days were so harmless
    now they are just crammed with chemistry and especially trans fats. Look for
    delicacies without preservatives, chemical additives and palm oil,
    and if you don’t find it, it’s safer to make cookies at home.

  11. Enjoy life. If a вы не умеете получать удовольствие от
    life, the juicer will not help you.

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