Pregnancy test: when and how to do?

Fri, Feb 28, 2014

At first glance it seems that the answer to the question “when to do a test
for pregnancy ”is quite simple: at the first suspicions of
interesting position. However, the path to motherhood each has its own –
For some, this news is a real surprise, while
how others have long been absorbed in a fascinating process
planning, looking forward to the delay of the cycle.
However, for every woman, the first step is to confirm
pregnancy remains rapid test.

Simple rules

  • Most rapid tests can be applied from day one.
    delays. It is explained by the principle of its work – the reagent enters
    in interaction with hormone in the urine of a pregnant woman
    HCG It is released by the emerging placenta, and by the first day
    delays its level is already high enough to be “noticed”
    rapid test, which can be done at home.
    Despite the presence of this hormone in the body before the delay,
    most tests will be insensitive to it due to its low
  • The test should be carried out in the morning. Although modern manufacturers
    rapid tests do not limit the time,
    The maximum concentration of hCG is reached at this particular time.
  • It is better to repeat the test after 48 hours. HCG level
    dynamic, it is constantly growing. The test done may be
    false only because the concentration of the hormone was
    too low. Negative result with continued delay
    should be rechecked.

Pregnancy Test to Delay

Although these rules are well known, questions still arise.
For example, some women begin to suspect pregnancy.
a few days before the start of the next cycle. Will the test help
such cases? If unusual symptoms appear – increased
chest, nausea appeared, general well-being changed, make
pregnancy test before the delay will not be superfluous. However simple
the strip will not give a reliable result – to determine the presence
pregnancy hormone – hCG, a highly sensitive test is required,
The exact result will show only a blood test.

Pale second strip

It often happens that the test was conducted according to all the rules, but
there is no confidence in his informativeness. With a bright and clear first
A strip confirming that everything is done correctly, the second one may be
barely noticeable. Sometimes such a “ghost” is visible due to low
the quality of the test itself, but in some cases the strip
confirming pregnancy may indeed be paler. how
do you distinguish them? �The “ghost” is almost invisible and detect it.
can only be a close look. Attentive
examination becomes noticeable that in this way
shines through the place of application of the reagent, and the reaction itself is absent.
To verify the falsity of this result, it suffices to make
test another company, wait two days is not required. But
pale, but more obvious, the second strip is likely
indicates the occurrence of pregnancy, and will become brighter when
achieving a higher concentration of hormone. Confirm
pregnancy will help another test conducted after a couple

Text: Vera Guler

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