Pregnancy and travel

Sun, Nov 13, 2016

Who does not like to relax? New experiences, active walks or
imposing rest at the very blue sea on the system all inclusive,
when you don’t have to worry about cooking for yourself and your
family, when the room will be carefully removed, and the dishes on the blissful
two weeks will cease to be a headache for the hostess – this is wonderful.
However, many women who are in the position believe that
pleasure is no longer for them. Climate change, flight, new alien
country – it all scares and makes spending time waiting
baby in native walls.

Is there a danger of traveling for the future mother? Why
the lady in position continues to work long seven months of waiting
baby, and the pleasure of rest denies himself?

Society treats pregnant tourists ambiguously. Someone
twists his finger at his temple, condemning the woman. After all, “she risks not
only their health, but also the life of the baby, going to distant
country”. People remember heard stories of suddenly begun.
giving birth in a foreign land, about a sharp deterioration of health after

Others, by contrast, rightly consider pregnancy – not
disease, and the natural state, does not interfere with life
full life. Ladies with a rounded tummy, resting on
the beach and even making small excursions are not uncommon,
You can meet brave women at any resort.

There is a third, special kind – it’s extreme lovers,
continuing to conquer the mountains and make canoe trips even in
interesting position.

The truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle. Healthy
pregnancy is really not a hindrance for rest, but
the sea, the sun and the fresh air can only benefit as a mother,
so and baby. You can go on a journey, observing several
mandatory conditions.

  • Consultation with your doctor – a specialist can evaluate
    how much does a woman’s state allow you to enjoy
    way of life. Yes, and you will be calmer if the good on your
    the journey will be given by a professional who has carefully reviewed your
  • Always remember your position. From long walks,
    travels and flights, being in the open sun and sun,
    will have to refuse. Yes, and with exotic dishes better.
    hold off

The ideal time to relax is the second trimester. At the beginning
pregnancy, despite the fact that the figure remains the same and
a growing belly does not hinder movement, there is still a risk
abortion. In addition, toxicosis is a faithful companion.
first months, to travel is not available. In the third trimester
it’s time to prepare for childbirth – a small tone, training
fights, clumsiness – all this can interfere
enjoy the ride. But the second trimester is the most pleasant
when poor health, weakness and nausea remain only in
reminiscences, but before giving birth is still far away – a great time for

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