Potatoes variety “Impala”: characteristics anddignity photo. Features of cultivation of varietal potatoes Impala

Potatoes variety "Impala": characteristics anddignity photo. Features of cultivation of varietal potatoes Impala

Of the many existing varieties of potato gardeners
prefer to grow early ripe and high-yielding, to them
относится всеми любимый сорт картофеля Impala. But some of these
few characteristics to get a rich harvest. Need to know everything
features of potatoes and the principle of its cultivation.

How to distinguish potato varieties Impala from the rest: phototubers

Potatoes of this variety were bred in Holland, but came to us
relatively recently. It is recommended to grow it in the southern and middle
strip, in good weather conditions, you can get two harvests for

Externally, potatoes can be distinguished from other varieties by
characteristic features:

– smooth, thick peel without roughness;

– cream color of a skin;

– a small number of surface eyes;

– light or yellowish flesh;

– oval shape.

Вес tubers средний, от 100 до 150 гр. Taste qualities
good, the color of the pulp does not change during processing. In addition, the fruits
retain their attractive appearance throughout the period
storage, easy to transport. When stored, the harvest is not

Nutritional value and purpose of potato varieties Impala

Tubers of this variety contain a lot of nutrients
vitamins, proteins and organic acids. Starch content in
tubers up to 14%, which is relatively small for potatoes. Thanks
this, the fruits during cooking do not fall apart, but become

The variety is intended for the preparation of various first and second
dishes. Especially tasty soups are mashed.

Description of the potato bush and the biological characteristics of the variety

The variety has established itself as very early, from germination to the first
The harvest takes only 45 days. Harvesting occurs at 65-75 day
cultivation. With one bush with good care can collect up to 20
крупных tubers. On an industrial scale, it is about 50 t / 1 ha.

The yield of the variety is high, does not depend on weather or
climatic conditions. Shrubs tolerate cooling, drought and
other weather changes. Resistant to various diseases.

Potato bush grows straight, branches well, forms up to 6
shoots. The height of the bush is about 75 cm, the leaf cover is good. Leaves
wavy, medium-sized, bright green. It blooms profusely.
The flowers are white with orange center, gathered in inflorescences.

Benefits of potato variety Impala

From the above, it can be concluded that the advantages
varieties are:

– earliness;

– high yield;

– good taste;

– marketable condition;

— длительный период хранения tubers;

– resistance to weather damage and vagaries;

– resistance to diseases and pests.

But without drawbacks, it was not done. The variety has medium resistance
to scab, late blight and rhizoctoniosis.

Preparing tubers of Impala varietal potatoes for planting

Tubers can not warm up and not germinate before planting in
industrial scale. But at home these activities
significantly increase the yield.

Impala tubers sprout a long time, so for their early harvest
better to lay in the heat. Fruits are pulled out of storage,
spread in vegetable boxes in one layer and put on the most
bright place. The room temperature should not fall below +
20 ° C throughout the month. After that, the temperature is lowered to
15 ° C.

Experienced gardeners recommend sprouting pots in pots. For
receiving early harvest, the tubers are planted in a pot in early March,
then in April they can be transplanted into the open ground.

1. Fill the pots with nutrient soil, place
cut the tubers and moisten the soil well.

2. Cover the container with a film and put into heat until it appears.

3. Remove the film as soon as sprouts appear.

For проращивания отбирайте здоровые клубни с большим количеством
ocelli. From them you can get more yield. Before boarding
primer process fruits with potassium permanganate or other drugs in
for 30 minutes, then pour the ash well.

Agrotechnics growing potatoes varieties Impala

Vegetable grows well and develops in any soil, but for
increase yields should follow some rules

It is scientifically proven that a large crop of potatoes can be harvested
only in open ground. Good predecessors under the Impala
there will be beans, cabbage, winter cereals, corn, perennial grasses.
It is not recommended to plant varietal potatoes after
tomatoes, peppers or eggplants. Also required to comply
crop rotation, and not growing tubers two years in one place.

Potatoes are grown on light or medium soils, so for
start have to take care of its loosening. Fruits with good
product characteristics can be obtained on the beds of the rich
humus Under landing make ashes.

The beds are located from north to south or from south to east, so they
will get more sunlight, which favorably affects
yield. Planted fruits are shallow, form
comb from the soil to a height of 7-10 cm. So the potatoes are faster
taking root, the crop is large. Between the holes left to
30 cm, and between the rows up to 50 cm.

spend 10 days after planting to destroy the soil
crust, destroy weeds. After heavy watering or rain beds
feed infusion of mullein, bird droppings or humus.
Shoots appear at air temperatures from + 18 ° С.

How to harvest two урожImpala varieties of potato

The precocious variety allows you to grow two harvests per season, but for
This is used a little trick.

In cloudy weather, the first, the earliest harvest is harvested,
undermining bushes. Only the largest tubers are harvested, and the bush is again
dropping. The bed is plentifully watered. This month small tubers
increase the mass, there are still fruits. So you can
to increase the yield of the beds in half.

Features care for varietal potatoes Impala

This variety is able to bear fruit in dry soil, but the yield
greatly reduced. To collect the highest possible yield
it is necessary to observe the level of soil moisture. Shrubs well form
tubers in moist, breathable soil. For этого почву на
beds are always kept wet.

If the summer was rainy, then precipitation is quite
may be enough. Do not forget to loosen the earthy crust in time.

Top dressing do dosed. Organic used in the fall
under plowing or in early spring. But mineral fertilizers,
especially nitrogenous, make caution. Their surplus is negative
сказывается на вкусовых качествах tubers. Phosphorus-potash
top dressings do only in the fall, after harvesting. During the period
It is best not to use mineral fertilizers during the growing season.

During the period активного роста и развития куста, его обрабатывают от
late blight. The opinion of many gardeners that tubers have
immunity from this disease, and, therefore, the bush does not need
processing – erroneous. The fact is that the amount of harvest directly
depends on the health of the bush. When the leaves appear first
signs of late blight, tubers cease to grow actively, yield
is falling. It is better to prevent such a situation by making preventive

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