Potatoes “Aurora”: description of the variety, advantagesand disadvantages. How to get a high crop of potatoes “Aurora”

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�Aurora is an ideal potato variety that gives
large yields of large fruits. However, you need to know everything
features of agricultural culture.

The main qualities of the potato “Author”: a description of the variety and its

The variety of table destination with an average maturity. From
planting tubers before harvest runs from three to four
months. It depends on the growing region. Variety bred for
landing in the central, northern, northwestern regions. In 2006
potatoes hit the State Register of varieties.

The yield of potatoes on an industrial scale is up to 38
t / ha In the household farms from the bush can collect up to 10
large tubers.

Potatoes variety “Aurora” is very nutritious, contains up to 17%
starch. Tubers retain their appearance when cooked, suitable for
cooking, roasting and stewing. The dishes have a pleasant
pronounced taste.

Characteristic varieties and tubers of potato “Aurora”

The bush has a high growth force, and therefore requires hilling.
Grows mostly straight, the leaves are light green in color. Blooms
potato red-purple flowers.

Tubers leveled, oval-shaped, with light and smooth
skinned. Not many eyes, they are located superficially, painted in
purple. The pulp on the cut is creamy, dense. Average weight
tubers up to 120 grams.

Medium late potatoes suitable for winter consumption.
The safety of the harvest is good, more than 90% of the tubers retain their marketable
view until spring.

Advantages and disadvantages of potatoes

The main advantage of the variety is high yield. Among
other emit:

– high drought tolerance;

– trade dress of tubers;

– good keeping quality;

– resistance of bushes to diseases and pests;

– good taste;

– big weight of tubers.

All these advantages have only one drawback –
vigorous bushes that fall apart and require
repeated hilling. But such a disadvantage can be considered

Planting potato tubers varieties “Aurora”

To get a big harvest of commodity tubers, it is important to correctly
and plant potatoes on time.

Middle-late variety planted in late April or early May. it
depends on climatic conditions. In the southern regions, the tubers are planted,
as soon as the soil warms up to +10 ° C. In this case, it is possible
harvest two harvests per season.

The variety is not picky about the soil, grows on almost any
soil, but in the loose sandy lands more even and
beautiful fruits.

Before planting the tubers are prepared. Do it in advance, better
in just a month. Germination is carried out at room temperature
seed material is treated for pests and diseases. For
sprouting choose tubers no more than chicken eggs with sprouts
about 2 cm

The beds are prepared a week before planting. Plow the soil,
adding fertilizer. Use fresh manure at this stage

It is better to make mineral fertilizers or humus, ashes.

The seeding depth of tubers is about 15 cm.

Between plants leave up to 80 cm, as the potato variety
�”Aurora” builds up large sprawling bushes.

How to care for potatoes so that the variety “Aurora” gives a good
the harvest

First of all, crop rotation and two seasons should be observed.
in a row do not grow potatoes in one place. Good
predecessors for potato beds are:

– radish;

– peas;

– beans;

– cabbage;

– cucumbers.

These crops allow the soil to rest, stock up on nutrients.
substances. After a year, potatoes are returned to the garden again. Harvest
it will be canceled.

If you do not stick to this rule, then collect enough
healthy tubers for winter consumption will not work. Besides,
potatoes are not planted after solanaceous crops: peppers, tomatoes and
eggplants. Эти овощи истощают почву, the harvest картофеля будет

The main care for Aurora potatoes comes down to hilling,
proper watering and treatment from pests.

Hilling is performed when tops rise 10 cm from
soil surface.

Particular attention should be paid to hilling in the northern regions,
where at the end of May there are still frosts. High hilling allows
save sprouts from night frosts.

The second time potato bushes spud before flowering. In that
period in the soil add dressing in the form of mineral fertilizers or
ash. The third time hilling is done after flowering, when they begin
formed tubers. it помогает сформироваться крупным товарным

Tip! As soon as the bushes release the first buds, their
removed so that all nutrients go to the tuber and not to
flowering plants.

How to water the potatoes

Until the tubers sprout, the beds are not watered. In that период
enough natural moisture. After hilling potatoes watered
once a week, especially if the weather is dry.

In rainy summers it is often not necessary to moisten the soil.
It is enough to loosen the crust.

Watering plays an important role in the formation of tubers. AT
flowering period bushes increase the amount of water.

As soon as the tubers begin to be laid, watering is increased
time. Если этого правила не придерживаться, то the harvest будет средним,
and its quality is questionable.

Potato processing for pests and diseases

Potatoes variety “Aurora” is remarkable because it does not need
painstaking care and exhausting treatments.

It is highly resistant to diseases such as
late blight tops, cancer.

Besides, редко повреждается вредителями, если предпосадочная
processing of tubers was carried out according to the rules.

Harvesting varietal potatoes “Aurora” by all the rules

Experienced gardeners have their own secrets that allow
extend the keeping quality of potatoes. Let’s find out which ones.

AT конце вегетации все побеги и листья на кустах начинают
dry out Experienced gardeners advise them to mow, so that the tubers
finally matured in the ground, and the skin was hardened.

It is believed that such potatoes are stored longer than usual. The tops
mow two weeks before the intended harvest.

ATыкапывают клубни в самом начале августа или ближе к концу. it
depends on weather and climatic conditions where potatoes grow.
После сбора, весь the harvest перебирают и сортируют. For storage
lay only quality not damaged tubers. Rest
allowed for recycling first.

For длительного хранения урожая подготавливают темное,
cool room with good ventilation. Temperature in it
maintained at +5 ° C. AT таком хранилище до 90 % клубней
сохраняют товарный view until spring.

The variety of potatoes “Aurora” can be attributed to the universal, which
дает хороший the harvest при минимальных трудовых затратах. Suitable for
cultivation by beginners and experienced gardeners. ATкусовые качества
Tuber are highly appreciated.

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