Plums for weight loss: diets, tips, unloadingdays

slivy-dlya-pohudeniya-diety-otzyvy-rekomendatsiiPlums – one
of the most useful and versatile fruits. You can eat them just
so, and you can add to porridge, cook compote from halves or
make syrup for ice cream and baking.

Ultimately, plums will help diversify your diet,
in parallel, providing it with vitamins and microelements.

Д�”я справки: в одной с�”иве среднего размера содержится
less than 1 gram of protein, 8 gr. carbohydrates. They have no fat at all. More
In addition, each fruit will give you 1 oz. Cellulose, 0.1 mg of vitamin A, 7
mg of vitamin C and 104 mg of calcium.

In addition to these nutrients, plums contain
derivatives of b vitamins and carotenoids, substances that
protect the body from malignant and benign

Among the many varieties of plums, you will definitely find the one that
will be to the taste of you and your family members. In addition to tangible benefits for
health, plums are an excellent dietary product and
help get rid of excess weight. How exactly – read

So, how effective are plums for losing weight?

100 grams of plums contains only 42 calories, so you can
boldly include fruit as a breakfast supplement, snack
between main meals or at night (here it’s not
overdo it).

Also, on the basis of plums, tasty and not at all difficult are created.
разгрузочные days и кратковременные диеты. So, if you want
lose 2 to 5 kg in one week, you should pay attention
on plums.

How to spend a fasting day on plums?

For it you will need 1 kg of ripe, but not over-ripe, plums and
pure water. Spread a kilo of fruit for 5-6 servings and eat
them during the day. Drink mineral or purified water in any
quantity. More during the day to eat nothing

You only need to arrange one fasting day a week to
for a month to get rid of 3-4 kg of excess weight.

Effective plum diet – is it?

The creators of this diet promise that in 2-3 days you can
get rid of 5 kg of excess weight, cleanse the body and saturate it
vitamins and other beneficial substances.

The essence of the technique is simple: within a specified time, that is, on
For 2-3 days, you should eat only ripe plums in
�”юбом quantity. Of course, the diet is rather poor, but
The effectiveness of the diet is proven. Everyone who followed it, managed
lose weight by 2 – 5 kg.

Совет: не ограничивайте себя в чистой воде. Also on
throughout the diet, it is allowed to drink green tea without sugar. is he
will give vigor and significantly increase the effectiveness of this
weight loss techniques.


Diet with fresh plum juice

In this case, the plum juice will be the catalyst for your
losing weight So, it is necessary in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening to drink 200
ml of freshly squeezed (preferably) plum juice without adding

The rest of the menu you can make your own. With
This caloric intake should be in the range of 1300-1400 kcal per

How to choose and store plums?

Choosing plums in the market or in the supermarket, you should give
preference for medium-sized fruit, elastic, bright saturated
color. Overripe plums contain a lot of sugar, and
food of unripe fruits is fraught with poisoning. note that
almost the entire surface of the peel should be covered with white
by touch is he – своеобразная защита fruit от порчи и
premature decay.

If you bought unripe plums, put them in a paper bag and
leave for some time at room temperature. Through
a few days the fruits “reach” and become soft: then they can
eat, cook from them jam or freeze for the winter.

note that с�”ивы с�”едует мыть непосредственно перед
a meal. Having done this in advance, you will remove the protective
film bloom. Without it, the fruit will deteriorate much faster, even with
stored in the refrigerator.

Who can not eat plums? Contraindications to the use

Unfortunately, plums are far from useful to everyone. These fruits
contraindicated in those who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases
tract, especially in the acute stage, as well as sugar

Не рекомендуются с�”ивовые диеты и�”и разгрузочные days беременным
or women who are breastfeeding.

If you have any chronic disease, then before
a diet that includes a large amount of plums is worth
consult a doctor.

As for the rest, plums are an excellent dietary product. is heи
are a valuable source of vitamins and fiber, and diets
на основе этого fruit вкусны, просты в соб�”юдении и весьма
effective. That’s what they say those who have already tried plums for
losing weight

How to lose weight on the plum: reviews losing weight

Olesya, 28 years old: “… In the season of draining, somewhere in the end of July, I often
устраиваю разгрузочные days. Their effect is truly amazing. Average
per day I eat 1-1.5 kg of fresh plums, and in the morning I find a plumb in
2 kg. But I only unload on weekends, plums give enough
noticeable laxative effect … “

Natalia, 37 years old: “… The prospect of getting rid of superfluous
pounds with plums seemed to me enough
attractive. Fortunately, in our country, these fruits grow in abundance.
In the end, made 2 handling days in a row. That I have lost weight
learned without even weighing. Trousers that were a week ago
just, they became too big in the waist and hips … “

Татьяна, 42 года: « … Давно практикую разгрузочные days на с�”ивах
and each time I observe a plummet of 1-1.5 kg. Good enough
учитывая, что superfluous ки�”ограммов во мне просто нет. Rather plums
I use to cleanse the intestines and to get rid of a small
tummy Yes, and delicious, what to say! �”

Кристина, 21 год: « … Захоте�”а быстро похудеть, в итоге се�”а на
с�”ивовую диету. Честно признаться, е�”е выдержа�”а – есть оdays с�”ивы
в течение трех дней дово�”ьно с�”ожно п�”юс постоянно хочется в
туа�”ет. Неско�”ько раз чуть не сорва�”ась. В итоге, за 3 дня похуде�”а
on 4 kg. The stomach has disappeared. Through пару неде�”ь п�”анирую повторить! �”

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