Planting peanuts and taking care of them at homeconditions. Secrets of planting peanuts and caring for them on the backyardplot

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Lovers of various unusual garden plants
they carry out tests with different cultures, and often their experience
impressive even experienced gardeners.

Peanut fans will be amazed that this peanut,
beautifully growing on a bed in reality bean

Experienced gardeners claim that with proper care
unpretentious and productive plant.

Planting time

Sowing the seeds of this culture on the garden produce in the second decade
May, after the ground warms up to 15-20 degrees. If the soil
the seeds that were planted were not heated to the required temperature,
likely to rot. Peanut seedlings are sown in the first decade
April, and after 35-40 days transplanted him to the garden. In our
Climate for this heat-loving plants, it is desirable to prepare
film cover that will be required for an unexpected
cold snap.

Soil treatment

Since peanut beans develop deep in the soil, preparation
The plot should be made carefully. Best for this
culture suitable sunny place with the most loose, fertile
soil. In extreme cases, short penumbra is permissible.
Peanut grows well after cabbage, potatoes and cucumbers,
It can not be grown after legumes. Cabbage plants
significantly reduces the risk of peanut disease fusarium wilt.
Nearby you can grow eggplant, pumpkin, pepper and potatoes

Begin to prepare the site in the fall, remove the rhizomes and
the remains of weed plants make potash and phosphate fertilizers and
dig up a bed. For peanuts, as for other legumes, not
will bring benefits fertilizing with organic nitrogen, for this reason
make chicken droppings and fresh manure is not worth it. In the spring when on
plot стает снег, его снова вскапывают и хорошо рыхлят. AT
as a result, the soil in the garden should be airy, permeable
and soft.

Planting peanuts and care for them

AT юных регионах страны арахис высаживают на грядки сухими,
unprocessed seeds. AT средних широтах его желательно перед
sowing germinate or grow seedling way that will allow
harvest 15-20 days earlier.

Try to get peanut beans, you can buy 1-2 handfuls of fresh
seeds in the market. When buying, choose tough nuts without a trace.
mold, stains and cracks. Figure in the form of a grid on the surface should
be with well-defined texture.

ATпоследствии, если опыт окажется положительным можно приобрести
varietal seeds or used for planting peanuts and care for them
already proven planting material. When grown on
personal plots showed themselves well varieties:

• Klinsky;

• Krasnodar 14;

• Krasnodar 13;

• Stepnyak;

• ATаленсия украинская;

• ATаленсия 433.

Seed germination

Get a decent crop of peanuts is possible only if it is correct
prepare seeds:

1. • Kernels with a raspberry or pink skin are extracted
from the shell;

2. • Fold them on a damp napkin spread on a saucer.
ATместо салфетки можно использовать марлю, сложенную в несколько
layers or natural fabric. To speed up germination and
stimulate the growth of seedlings in the water add stimulants

3. • The drying cloth or gauze periodically moistens not
allowing drying out;

4. • First sprouts can be seen after 5 days, after they
grow to 1 cm, they can be planted in the soil.

Seeds after such preparation are sown in open ground or in
cups. In the garden the planting is carried out according to the scheme 70×20. After
end of sowing, until the seedlings appear, the soil
to protect against birds, it is desirable to cover the branches. It does not hurt and
scarecrow, which also protects peanut seeds from winged

Features of seedling technology

AT качестве тары для получения рассады арахиса можно использовать
пластиковые или торфяные cups. AT них насыпают магазинный
soil for seedlings, adding coarse sand in proportion to it
3: 1.

Sow nuts like this:

1. • Cookware prepared for seedlings, pre-filled
prepared soil mixture;

2. • Germinated seeds are planted one by one in cups,
digging into the ground by 2-3.5 cm;

3. • The pots are placed on a tray, covered with foil and
transferred to a warm, shaded place. Regularly open the film
for removal of condensate, airing and watering the soil;

4.•After появления проростков подносы с горшочками переносят в
light visit where the temperature is maintained 18-20

Prepared seedlings on a cloudy day are transplanted to the garden bed,
planting scheme is the same as when sowing seeds.

Plant Care

Peanuts do not require much, they respond well to ordinary ones.
plant care activities:

• Watering. Peanuts watered often do not need, just maintain
soil moist during flowering and ovary formation
need to water abundantly, at least 4 times during the month. AT конце
vegetation reduces watering, and 3 weeks before harvesting
watered quite;

• Feeding. During the growing season, growing
peanuts need to be fed three times – when forming the first
true leaves during flowering and fruit set.
You need to feed only a mixture of mineral fertilizers;

• Hilling. This culture as well as potatoes spud 2-3
times with moist soil, at the same time loosening the soil and removing weed
plants. Planting peanuts and care for them с использованием
timely hilling can significantly increase yield;

• Fight against diseases and pests. Most often peanuts
stem and root rot, powdery mildew and fusarium, from
pests – various caterpillars, thrips and aphids. To combat these
Trouble using only authorized drugs.

This culture is best developed at a temperature of 25-28
degrees, during cold snap (below 15 degrees) and during heat (more
30 degrees) peanuts are not growing and may die. 2 months later
after planting the plants begin to bloom, a day instead
orange inflorescences are formed ginofory – fruits develop in them.
Stems gradually descend to the soil. Ginofory penetrate the soil, in
which is at a depth of 8-10 cm and grow peanuts. ATыросты, которые
could not reach the soil, perish, for this reason they
It is necessary to help, pouring a hill of earth under ginofors.


Peanuts on average ripen 120 days after their appearance
seedlings, maturity can be determined by drying out and lodging
стеблей plants.

When harvesting, the bushes are broken in and removed from the soil, after that
they are dried in the sun. Tear loose beans from the stem
undesirable, it will reduce the quality and taste of nuts.

After 1.5-2 weeks, the harvest can be cleaned from dry foliage and
roots, thresh and store.

ATыполняя эти правила, всего лишь из горсти приобретенных на
In the nuts market, you can grow a decent crop and create a supply of
seed for next year.

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