Pineapple Diet: Basic Principles, Recipesdishes

ananasovaya-dietaToday we will meet one more
A variety of fruit monodiet – pineapple.

Being one of the most popular nutrition programs in the world, it
also among the most “delicious” diets, and can help you
get rid of more than 2 kg. overweight.

As the name implies, the main product is pineapple –
specific sweet fruit that is relatively low
calorie content (about 46 kcal per 100 grams).

The program recommended the use of only
its fresh fruits, as canned contain in their
Ingredients unwanted extra sugar.

Strictly following the rules of the two-day pineapple diet will allow
you achieve guaranteed weight loss for a couple
kilograms. In order to get the desired result, you
you need to eat 300 grams every day. lean meat, 150 gr.
cottage cheese and at least 2 kg. pineapples or replace them with fresh fresh juice from
its fruits without the use of additional sweeteners.

In fact, you can use two types of this diet: simple
(duration 2 days) and advanced (respectively, 3-4).


The main rules and requirements of the pineapple diet

So, daily calories (total: breakfast + lunch + dinner
+ snacks) for the entire period of the diet is set at around 1000
units. However, if the problem of overweight is too running, then
its additional decrease is possible.

During the day, you definitely need to eat: about 300 grams.
non-fat protein source (preferably: loin
part of the chicken, beef or rabbit), 100 – 150 gr. cottage cheese
minimum fat content and 500 – 700 gr. the pulp of the pineapple itself. what
concerns drinking regime, it is possible to use spring or
purified water and green or herbal tea in sufficient

Did you know that pineapple fruit is a real well of important
for the human body nutrients !?

It is possible to rank various vitamins and microelements to them,
as well as a special unique enzyme bromelain (it also has another
name – harmony enzyme). So all its benefits lies in
ability to actively influence the rate of protein breakdown in the digestive tract
and total body fat metabolism, which is extremely important in terms of
healthy weight loss.

Рецепты «разрешенных» dishes в период диеты


1. Очищаем и разрезаем ананас, его мякоть (порядка 100
gr.) rub on a grater with small cells. To the mashed
add 100 gr. homemade natural yogurt minimum
fat and 1 tbsp. spoon boiled oatmeal.

2. Одно яйцо, сваренное вкрутую, и бутерброд из
wholegrain bread, buttered, plus a slice
pineapple and a strip of red fish of your choice.


1. Курица с ананасом. For this you will need:
sliced ​​white chicken meat mixed with pineapple slices
and a few canned mushrooms to your taste. Salt and spices
optional (as an option, you can use the squeezed lemon
the juice).

2. Салат из курицы. To do this, separately cook 100
gr. chicken fillet (breast area): can be using a double boiler,
You can fry in a pan with a minimal addition of oil.
Peel an orange and pineapple and finely chop. Then all this
mixed with the addition of 1 tbsp. spoons of peas and small
low fat mayonnaise amounts Salt and spices на ваше

3. Сладкий рис. Приготовьте с помощью пароварки 50 gr.
рисовой крупы, после в нее добавьте около 100 gr. pineapple
neatly diced.


1. Картофель с творогом. Pre cook
(can be cooked, can be baked in the oven) two medium potatoes
size, and then finely chop them into cubes. After them add
50 gr. нежирного cottage cheese и 150 gr. плодов очищенного pineapple
chopped rings.

2. Салат из морепродуктов. For its preparation you
will need: 100 pcs. medium pre-cooked shrimp
размера, около 100 gr. pineapple 3 ветки сельдерея и один огурец.
All this is finely chopped and mixed using low-fat
mayonnaise. Salt and spices на ваше discretion.

Pineapple diet for weight loss: the reverse side of the coin

It is quite natural that she has her own

  • First, today experts do not have
    any clear evidence of evidence
    the effectiveness and usefulness of this nutritional program as part of the fight
    with excess weight.
  • Secondly, many of the participants complain that it is sometimes difficult for them
    get even 800 calories daily, exclusively eating
  • Thirdly, it is a mono-diet with all the ensuing
    the consequences. And one of the most basic is artificial.
    creating an acute shortage for your own body
    Essential Nutrients Whose Full Bleach Cannot
    Separately cover any product in the world. That is, in fact, this
    The situation resembles the usual hunger strike.
  • Fourth, there is enough volume in the composition of pineapple fruit.
    natural saccharides, therefore, people with the problem of high glucose
    absolutely any genesis such a choice can cost serious problems
    with health. Frequent manifestations of allergic reactions are also noted.
    реакций на прием в пищу, как pineapple так и его производных (в наше
    case – juice).

If a diet on pineapples in your case did not show the expected
result, don’t be upset – on our site you can
Get to know more with a lot of different nutrition programs!
Have a good weight loss!

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