Philip Kirkorov commented on his divorce fromPugacheva

Wed, 18 Jun 2014

Today Maxim Galkin celebrates his 38th birthday. No matter how
it was strange, the first to congratulate the showman was Phillippe
Kirkorov, who on Instagram not only sincerely congratulated Maxim,
but finally gave some comments about his
расставания с Аллой Pugacheva. It is no secret that many cause
divorce prima donnas and the king of the national stage considered it

In particular, Kirkorov said that the entire responsibility for
separation, which occurred 10 years ago, lies entirely on him. By
убеждению Филиппа, Галкин помог им с Pugacheva в непростой период
из жизни, не оставив «эту удивительную Женщину, Которая Byет» в
alone, made her happy. It is thanks to Galkin, by
мнению Филиппа, он сумел сохранить с Pugacheva дружбу.

Kirkorov wished Maxim Galkin to remain as cheerful and
sincere man and expressed the hope that the showman in the future
there will be a lot of sell-outs.

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