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Peony, with its large noble flowers on tall stems,
surrounded by lush foliage, enjoys a special love

This herb without the aid of man forms
beautiful bush up to 1 meter and grows well on one
place for decades.

All this is true with proper fit and competent

Sometimes there are circumstances in which the best solution –
transplant peonies. Transplanting in the fall is necessary:

• for reproduction of the favorite variety;

• if the flowering does not occur or the flowers become smaller;

• when changing the layout of the garden.

Peony Transplant: Why Fall?

For a successful wintering and subsequent growth of a young plant
requires a well-developed root system. Active formation
the underground part begins when the heat subsides, the light day
decreases and the plants begin to prepare for winter. From leaves and
stems is the outflow of nutrients to the root, as the base for
bloom next season. There is a bookmark replacement kidney
for several years ahead.

The future flowering directly depends on the development of the root
in the spring. Peonies transplanted in September – October, have time
adapt to a new place, build up enough root mass
and a network of adventitious adventitious roots, providing food
whole bush. Молодое растение может зацвести уже in the spring.

Helpful advice! Very pleased with the beginner
gardener flowers that appeared in the first year after planting. But better
cut the first buds so as not to deplete a fragile shrub. Everything
nutrients will go to the formation of leaves and root that
will provide full bloom in the second year.

In spring, all the forces of nature are focused on growth and flowering. If a
transplantation is carried out at this time, the root, not having time to type
forces forced to provide food fast growing bush.
Formed, nourished himself, he will only succeed next
in the fall.

Spring temperature drops and summer heat is easier to tolerate.
overwintering rhizome. Based on years of practice,
experts involved in the cultivation of this culture, insist that
пионы нужно пересаживать именно in the fall.

Preparing the soil for the autumn peony transplant

A peony can bloom for more than 50 years without transplanting if it grows in
a good place. Choosing the perfect plot:

1. Peonies love the sun, even for a little shading can
respond by stopping flowering. Plot choose light,
protected from drafts.

2. The walls of buildings, fences should not be next to the flower garden. AT
sunny days they shield the heat, and peonies can not stand

3. The root easily rots even with temporary stagnation of water, because
Good drainage is a must. With close occurrence of groundwater
should arrange a high bed.

Preparing the site for peonies in the autumn transplant
begins in the summer.
Landing pits desirable
prepare for the month. Given the diameter of the future bush, the distance
between holes measure from 1 to 1.5 m. The depth and width of the pit is about 70
see. It is necessary for the full development of the root system.
If a обработать только верхний слой, то дойдя до плотного грунта,
the root starts to grow to the sides, becomes more vulnerable for
overheating, frost, will lose part of the necessary food.

AT подготовленную яму укладывают дренаж (песок, камни, рубленные
branches, expanded clay), two-thirds filled with soil mixture (land from
garden, sand, humus). ATносят удобрения: по 50 г суперфосфата и
potassium chloride, a tablespoon of iron sulphate, two glasses each
bone meal and wood ash. Stir and thoroughly watered.
Before landing, the ground should be compacted.

Peonies grow well only on neutral soils, if the soil
sour, need liming. Need to check the acidity
regularly, because any fertilizer acidifies the soil.

ATнимание! Peat is acidic because
when growing pions does not apply. It is advisable not to use
its even for mulching and shelter for the winter.

The correct division of the bush peonies during transplanting in the autumn, photo

What could be simpler than to divide an overgrown rhizome into
parts and planting like new plants? But there is also
Some subtleties:

• before digging the rhizome, cut off the aerial part

• dig around with a shovel, carefully reach the root

• do not pull the stalks – there is a danger of damaging the buds in their

• lightly shake off the soil, leave the rhizome in the shade for a few
hours (the root will become less fragile).

Separate for planting is the brightest (and therefore young)
patches of rhizome, with several large buds. Such “delenki”
peonies for transplanting in the fall (pictured) are the best landing

For disinfection of cuts and faults, the delenki process
pink solution of potassium permanganate or sprinkled with wood ash. Remove
old and pest-damaged areas.

One of the important conditions for landing is to monitor the depth of embedding.
the kidneys. On heavy soils from the top of the kidney to surface of the earth
soil should be no more than 4 cm. For light soils 5-7 cm.
Regulate the depth is important throughout the life of the peony, from this
depends bloom, as well as a successful wintering.

Fill the pit with ordinary garden soil, tamping and abundantly
shed. Autumn watering should be regular, to the full depth.
the occurrence of the root system.

It should be remembered that the fertilizers in the planting pit are deeper.
the level of young roots, because organic and mineral
top dressing needs to be brought with waterings. Peonies respond well to
solution of rotted manure and complex fertilizers. Right
Watering peonies during transplanting in the fall is shown in the photo.

What if the peony does not bloom?

Peony – a delicate flower that does not like extremes.
Waterlogging, overheating, deep or shallow landing,
acidification of the soil. Any of the factors can lead to
the bush will not bloom.

The main reasons for the “capriciousness” of the flower:

1. Poor illumination. For full bloom peony
It takes 6 hours of light per day.

2. Depth of landing. When shallow planting will help hilling, when
over deep is best transplanted.

3. Take care of the leaf mass of the plant, do not remove it to the first
frost. When cutting flowers for bouquets, the stem should
remain at least 2 leaves at the base. You can not cut off
more than a third of flowers from the bush.

4. Insufficient feeding. For vigorous growth and plentiful
flowering plant requires a lot of effort. ATесной уместны азотные
top dressing, during the growing season requires complex compositions.

5. ATозраст куста. A young peony for several years may
gain strength, build root. Flowering will have to wait.
ATзрослый куст, при остановке цветения, следует пересадить, отделив
old rhizome and landed delenki with live buds.

As long as the root is viable and has kidneys on it, you can still
to fix. Transplanting peonies in the fall will allow you to rejuvenate the plant,
multiply the bushes, avoiding annoying mistakes. Peonies Required
will respond to your attention and patience with full bloom during
many years.

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