Pear dried up: why and what to do. What methodsand means to apply against drying pears: quickly helptree!

Вс, 12 июн 2016 Автор: Елена Шапошникова

Pear requires special attention and care gardener,
needs proper care and certain weather conditions.

The climatic conditions of the southern regions are very favorable for
growing pear trees.

However, when planting certain varieties and quality care
pear fruit and in more northern areas of the Russian

But even with all the landing and maintenance requirements,
pear can deteriorate, dry.

Causes of pear drying

The reasons for drying pears can be both weather conditions and
pests – insects. It is important to understand that on the same land
Plot trees react differently to the same growth conditions.
The general condition of the fruit tree depends on the variety, age
seedling, soil soil.

Improper care and fit

The pear is more demanding on the conditions of planting and caring for it,
than an apple tree. The best habitat for it is elevated areas and
the upper parts of the slopes. The tree grows well on soils enough
loose, permeable to water and air, with a low standing of groundwater
waters and at the same time quite moisture-consuming. Preparing for landing
plot in the autumn, evenly distributing fertilizer over it, and
digging up. If the soil is acidic add lime. Landing pit
for fruit trees it should be 1m wide and 0.6m deep.

If a pit for planting is prepared in the fall, then the root neck of the seedling
should be at the level of the soil, and if in the spring – 3 – 5 cm higher. With
respecting the conditions of proper planting and care, the tree grows and
bears fruit. However, the pear may dry up due to exposure
root cervix (the place of transition of the trunk to the root). Open this place
maybe from frost when the earth pushes the tree. Other
The reason for the exposure – in the wrong planting pears. If this
Beat the neck with earth.

Why pear dries: weather reasons

Pear trees are very susceptible to waterlogging. If a
small sprigs start to dry on the tree – this is the first sign
which indicates trouble with the root system. Of course with
water plants receive the necessary nutrients, but its
overabundance is detrimental to pears.

In rainy seasons, fruit trees are more likely to
diseases. With чрезмерном увлажнении грунта, воздух из него
displaced, the root system, devoid of oxygen, begins
decay and gradually die off. The root hairs die first,
and then the process of decay goes to thick roots. Is showered
crown, dry branches and the tree dies. Most often this phenomenon
mature and old pears are prone, their roots are in deep
layers of the earth and therefore they are more likely to sap young trees
vymokaniyu root system. To prevent this from happening, you need
take into account some features when landing:

• do not plant fruit trees in areas where
clay, crushed stone or sand under the top layer of soil;

• groundwater must be at least 2 meters from
surface of the earth.

3-5 year old trees are less susceptible to waterlogging,
потому что у них корни расположены близко к surface of the earth.
To eliminate the overmoistening of the soil, it is necessary to dry it. For
This is added to the soil humus or peat.

Here it is important not to overdo it, as in excessively sandy
or peaty soil roots are subject to drying in winter. It happens
at low temperatures or with sharp fluctuations in temperature: from
thaw to frost. To prevent this from happening, experienced gardeners
recommend abundant podzimny watering. The roots are covered with ice
crust that protects them from drying out.

Resilience of trees depends largely on climate
conditions, especially from humidity. With недостаточной влажности листья
blacken and fall off. With слишком сухом воздухе даже обильный полив
pears do not help, so pear varieties sensitive to dryness
must be moistened with drip.

Why pear dries: pests and diseases

The culprit of drying pears can be a mole. Tree roots he
does not gnaw, but the courses dug by it form emptiness, root system
due to the lack of contact with the earth does not receive mineral and
organic matter and begins to dry out. Detect the mole is easy,
the soil around the tree will collapse when walking. To fight with
harmful animals in several ways:

• plentifully water the tree, thereby bringing down the passages and giving power

• to burrow into the ground “noisy” – devices that when
wind blows produce noise. They can be made independently,
for example, from plastic bottles, cans or buy in
hardware store. Moles do not like to arrange their holes in
noisy places.

Pear drying can also occur due to spore infection.
fungus. Such a probability is possible if, when pruning branches
the instruments were not disinfected with the vitriol solution. Scab
first affects the leaves, then the flowers and fruits. The leaves turn black,
dry up and fall off. In this case, you need cut dry branches straight and
without chipping up the healthy part, smearing the cut point with garden pitch,
so that air and water do not touch the wound.

Scrub is treated with antibiotics, treating wood and soil around
him Affected leaves and branches need to be burned so that the infection does not
struck nearby trees.

Withчиной болезни дерева может быть и бактериальный ожог.
Bacterial infection manifests in spring or early summer.
A tree is infected through cracks or nectaries of flowers. Disease
transmitted in the same way when pruning through an infected tool. First
the edges of the leaves darken, then black spreads over the whole leaf,
they curl and dry up.

If a поражено молодое деревце, болезнь развивается стремительно,
tissue death and drying take place. Usually such trees
cut down and burned. If a болезнь нападает на взрослое дерево,
there is a chance to save him. It is necessary to spray leaves abundantly
and flowers with antibiotics. To avoid the spread of infection in
further, when pruning trees, it is necessary to process tools
in boric acid solution.

The gall mite inflicts great harm on the pear. These small insects
0.2 mm long feed on sap of leaves. Adult ticks overwinter under
with bud scales, where in spring females lay eggs.

With этой болезни листья заворачиваются и на них появляются
red swellings. Leaves heavily damaged by ticks turn black,
dry up and fall off. The diseased tree must be treated accordingly.
herbicide or infusion of dandelion, mustard, chamomile. Larvae and
ticks must be destroyed on time, as they develop in 2-3
generations, bringing the pear to dry.

Why pear dries: unidentified reasons

What to do if you have tried all methods of dealing with drying
pears and none of the above reasons fit your
specific case?

In such cases, experienced gardeners recognize that the pear was not able
to realize its natural potential, proved too weak for
growth and fruiting. If a она ещё маленькая — попробуйте
transplanted to another place, irrigate with Kornevin, spray with Appin or
Zircon and leave alone.

Perhaps your pear doesn’t like too much attention?

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