Pear “Chizhovskaya”: description, history,characteristic. Conditions for the growth of pear “Chizhovskaya”, pruning,winter preparation

Чт, 15 фев 2018 Автор: Юлия Кривенко

Domestic pear variety “Chizhovskaya” gained popularity
long. This is a high-yielding tree that is easy to grow. But
he has some peculiarities, and they are often silent about them in the nursery.

The history of the creation of pear varieties “Chizhovskaya”

The variety was conceived as highly winter-hardy, fruitful, resistant to
ill and unpretentious. To bring this was not easy. Russian
breeders Chizhov S. T. and Potapov S. P. crossed two varieties
�”Forest Beauty” and “Olga”, which individually did not reach
to high performance. Butвый сорт получил хороший вкус и
unpretentiousness of the “Forest Beauty”, and from the “Olga” borrowed
yield and high disease resistance. Butвинка быстро
gained popularity. Has shown good results in the northern
regions and the Moscow region.

Appearance and description of the tree

The tree belongs to the dwarf type, grows up to 2.5 m. If
As a stock, a dwarf tree of the stem type was used,
the height of the seedling will not exceed 1.8 m. However, such trees are less
winter hardy.

At a young age, the crown is compact, but later becomes
branchy and growing. The leaves are dark, small, curved
central vein, which is typical for this variety. Trunk in young
aged dark gray, shoots lighter, young bark

Fruiting comes on the 4th year of planting, the yield is high.
With proper care, collect up to 60 kg from the tree. These indicators
depend on the stock that was used. Some gardeners
managed to collect even more harvest.

The tree easily tolerates the vagaries of weather, unpretentious to the soil. WITH
легкостью выдерживает понижение температуры до — 30°WITH. If the seedling
more than 5 years, he is not afraid of drought either. But in the young
the age of the soil moisture level must be monitored, otherwise the tree
will die. But об этом редко рассказывают в питомнике.

Another variety problem is degeneration. WITH возрастом плоды
become smaller, the tree requires regular pruning. Without it
to maintain varietal quality is very difficult.

The merits of the variety

The tree belongs to the self-bearing varieties. Good fruit even
without pollinators. But для большего урожая садоводы рекомендуют
plant pollinating varieties at a distance of 3-5 m.

The best pollinators are:

– Rogneda;

– Lada;

— WITHеверянка.

This technique increases the yield up to 200 kg per tree height
no more than 2.5 m.

Characteristic fruits of the variety “Chizhovskaya” and photo pear

The fruits are large, each weighing more than 130-140 grams. Differ
good taste and high commodity

The peel is smooth, dense, matte, yellow-green color. Pulp
oily, granular, juicy, cream color. The taste is rich,

The fruits on the branches are kept for a long time, do not crumble. Keep up to the end
summer, in the first half of autumn. Long stored and transported far
transportation. In cold and dry storage where the temperature is not
поднимается выше +2 °WITH не портятся около 4 месяцев. Without it лежат
no more than two weeks.

plant the sapling correctly

To enjoy the tasty fruit, you need to properly
plant a seedling. The plot is chosen well lit, with nutrient
loose ground. Be sure to take into account the level of groundwater, he
must be deep.

If the plot is with sour soil, then be sure to spend
liming the soil and add nutrients. Alkaline
soil is enriched with potassium salt and superphosphate.

The best time to plant a sapling is autumn, so the tree is faster
adapts to winter. But в каждом регионе сроки посадки рознятся.
Need to focus on other trees in the garden. If their growing season
over, all the leaves have flown around, then you can start planting.

When time is missed, the landing is transferred to the spring. To finish
work is needed before the kidneys swell.

the pit is harvested in advance, but not less than a month before planting.
Its size depends on the root system of the seedling and the soil.
WITHтандартная лунка выходит 60х60х80 cm. Если грунт плохой, то размер
increase 20-30 cm. The bottom of the pit must be drained to a height of 10-15
see use sand, crushed stone or other materials.

WITHаженец устанавливают в лунку, расправляют корни и присыпают
by land. It is pre-mixed with mineral fertilizers and
humus The soil is well compacted and abundantly watered. Then
the trunk circle is mulched. This technique will not only retain moisture,
but also prevent the emergence of weeds.

how выбрать саженец сорта «Чижовская» и подготовить грушу к

For planting choose young seedlings, whose age is not more than
3 years. But лучше всего приживаются однолетние или двухлетние
plants. To determine the age of the seedling can be on its size. how
As a rule, the height of the tree does not exceed 1.8 m, the thickness of the trunk is about
1.5 cm. The root system is well developed, the length of the roots is about 20

Before planting, seedlings are prepared, especially if they are to
long transportation.

1. Roots inspect, shorten the longest, cut out
broken and dry.

2. WITHаженец замачивают на 12 ч в растворе стимулятора роста или
plain water.

This speeds up the adaptation of the plant in a new place.

Comprehensive care for seedlings pear “Chizhovskaya”

In the first few years, a young tree needs special care.
It consists in the correct watering, top dressing and cutting.

Irrigation features

WITHразу после посадки и первые 3 года груша нуждается в регулярном
watering. Especially in the hot season. Water must completely
saturate the earthy bed to the full depth of the roots. it
contributes to their growth and development.

In subsequent years, watering is done several times a season. If summer
rainy then enough natural moisture. Soil necessarily
moistened in the period before flowering and after it. Special attention
pay autumn moisture irrigation.

Correct feeding

The young tree is fed one year after planting, if the hole
was filled by all the rules. In the spring make mineral
fertilizer in the amount of 150 grams per plant.

Adult plants must be fertilized in the fall, after harvesting.
harvest. Under digging make organics and phosphate-potash fertilizers
up to 250 grams per tree. Then их заделывают в почву.

Literate pruning

In early spring, young seedlings are cut so that the side branches
were not lower than 50 cm from the ground surface. Central
the conductor is shortened at a distance of 30 cm from the top side

pears are pruned once every two years. But ежегодно проводят санитарную
purge. Cut sick, dry or damaged branches.
Anti-aging pruning done in the spring. If the gain is normal, then
enough to shorten 2-3 summer shoots. If during the year it grew less 15
see, then pruned older shoots.

Be sure to remove all growing inside shoots, so that they are on
thickened crown. Even if these shoots bear fruit.

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