Pea diet for weight loss 10 kg pera week

  • 1 week pea diet for weight loss
    • 1.1 Benefit and harm
    • 1.2 Меню на a week
    • 1.3 Recipe for Diced Pea Porridge
    • 1.4 Recipe for Pea Soup

Thanks to the peas you can cook soups, cereals, salads. But little
who knows that this product is perfect for a diet. How exactly
This ingredient contributes to weight loss, consider the following
the material.

It’s no secret that peas are perfect as
garnish to almost any dish. Therefore, subject to
гороховой диеты, меню на a week можно разнообразить массой полезных
dishes. Do not doubt, the main product of the diet is combined with

Weekly pea diet for weight loss

Гороховая диета для похудения, рассчитанная на a week,
implies not only the use of this ingredient.
Diet can be varied cereal cereals, vegetables, fruits,
fermented milk products, lean meat and fish. However, to
the compilation of the menu, we will return later.

Для начала, давайте ознакомимся с основными
правилами, то бишь требованиями, соблюдения
pea diet:

  • average daily calorie intake should vary between 1300 and
    1500 kilocalories;
  • should eat three times a day;
  • the last meal – no later than 4 hours before bedtime;
  • it is recommended to repeat the observance of the menu of the pea diet
    return no earlier than two months after completion
  • in this diet you need to eat a large amount
    liquids – regular and herbal teas, coffee, juices and, of course, pure
    drinking water.
  • meat consumption should be minimized;
  • as a snack, any fruit will suit this diet and

Benefit and harm

Alas, the menu of the above method of losing weight has
limitations. Вред гороховой диеты заключается в

  • heartburn;
  • discomfort in the intestines;
  • the preparation of dishes takes a lot of time.

In addition, this technique has

  • inflammation of one of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • nephritis;
  • gout;
  • stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • the period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • minority;
  • advanced age.

In addition, follow the pea slimming method
categorically contraindicated with a tendency to flatulence.

Fortunately, the advantages of this method of losing weight significantly
more. Consider them. The benefits of pea

  • easily tolerated by the human body;
  • has the property of rapid saturation;
  • promotes weight loss in a very short time;
  • low cost of the main product;
  • balanced menu;
  • improves the digestive system;
  • removes slags and toxins from the body;
  • speeds up the metabolic process;
  • positive effect on the cardiovascular system;
  • removes stones and sand from the kidneys;
  • normalizes cholesterol levels;
  • rejuvenates the body cells;
  • prevents the occurrence of cancer;
  • increases brain activity;
  • improves memory;
  • increases concentration of attention;
  • charges the human body with vigor and energy.

Меню на a week

After reviewing all the disadvantages and advantages
pea slimming method, you can immediately proceed to
составлению примерного меню на a week. Итак, меню на
a week для диеты гороховой
выглядит следующим образом:


  • Breakfast: muesli and green apple;
  • Lunch: pea soup with broccoli;
  • Dinner: a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, a glass of low-fat


  • 200 ml of natural yogurt and grapefruit;
  • pea porridge, ryazhenka;
  • omelet with greens, diet bread.


  • 250 g of cottage cheese with raisins, herbal tea;
  • vinaigrette, a large green apple;
  • zucchini and eggplant stew.


  • toast with melted cheese, orange juice;
  • stewed peppers, tomatoes and onions;
  • pea porridge with low-fat fish cutlets.


  • 2-3 boiled eggs and fresh pineapple;
  • pea soup with vegetables;
  • Russian salad, low-fat yogurt.


  • apple and citrus salad; carrot juice;
  • pea porridge, tomato;
  • boiled cod fillet poured with lemon juice.


  • omelet with vegetables, fresh orange;
  • pea soup with low-fat chicken meat, a glass of kefir;
  • stewed peppers.

In the above menu, pea soup and porridge are mentioned many times.
In the following paragraphs we will discuss ways to correct them.

Recipe for pea porridge for diet

The result of losing weight on a pea diet fully depends on
способа приготовления dishes. Let’s take a look at how
правильно готовить гороховую кашу.

Гороховая каша

Ингредиенты: 300 г сухого гороха, щепотка соли, 25 г сливочного

  • pour, pre-soaked, peas with water;
  • bring the dish to a boil and, if necessary, remove from it
  • then continue to simmer until
    peas do not fully absorb water;
  • season the finished dish with butter and carefully

If desired, vegetables can be added to the pea porridge.

Pea Soup Recipe

How to cook pea soup for diets will describe next. TO
The main ingredients will be added chicken meat, which will give
the dish is even more full and good.

Pea Chicken Soup

Pea Chicken Soup

Ингредиенты: две морковки, репчатый лук, 250 г дробленого
peas, 200 g chicken meat, a pinch of salt and ground black
перца, лавровый лист, столовая ложка растительного oils.

  • wash peas and soak in cold water for 1-2 hours;
  • then thoroughly wash the chicken and add to the pan to
  • довести блюдо до кипения и снять foam;
  • peel the onions and carrots and grate;
  • then fry in vegetable oil;
  • salt the soup and add bay leaf;
  • then add fried vegetables;
  • Cook for another 5-10 minutes over low heat.

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