Participation in social networks increases self-esteem, butreduces self control

Mon, Dec 19, 2016

Using online social networks can negatively
affect the well-being of a person by reducing his
self-control, reported in the results of a new study,
published in the American scientific journal Consumer Research.
But these online services also have a good side,
the report says. They help a person improve his own

Specialists Kate Wilcox from Columbia University and Andrew Stephen
from the University of Pittsburgh in the USA, who led the study,
They say: “Social networks have a partly positive effect on
people who regularly use them, increasing their self-esteem, which means
and faith in yourself. But having come to the question more deeply, we found out that
excessive sense of dignity in some cases can be detrimental
to influence a person, and, in particular, on his behavior.
A short-term increase in self-esteem can temporarily change
people’s views on their surroundings, which can manifest itself in the most
different forms, ranging from rash actions and ending

In their report, the authors also brought some interesting
connections identified during the study. For example, experts
found that avid users of social networks,
considered on the example of Facebook, had a low credit score,
higher credit card debt, higher
body mass index, because more often ate junk food.

�“Considering that self-control is an important factor for personal
well-being and public order in general, thin
effect that all online social
network may have a global impact. To a greater extent
this applies to adolescents and young people, in whose person today
the main audience of Internet services for communication is presented ”-
conclude scientists.

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