Participant “naked” party with Prince Harryarrested for fraud

Wed, 07 Sep 2016

According to the English-language media on the border of the United States
American and Mexican police detained an American Carrie Reychert.
A 40-year-old resident of San Diego is suspected of

A woman, according to law enforcement, forged
and signed fake checks. For this crime she faces from
one year imprisonment.

Everybody was surprised at Reachert’s statement that earlier
attended the party of prince harry, whose members are all
without constraint “lit” in the nude. Carrie also shared
intimate details that occurred at the time of their solitude
with a prince.

Harry himself denies this fact. Moreover, he assures that
knows this “devil” and never had with her any physical
contact. However, journalists have irrefutable
evidence of the adventures of Harry – scandalous photos, on
whom the british prince passionately hugs a stranger. True,
it was impossible to establish her identity with absolute certainty until
so far.

Despite the fact that the royal family strongly discouraged
press to publish compromising, photos still were promptly
exposed to public display in many sources, including

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