Parsley juice: benefits, composition, treatment. Whether everyoneCan I use this remedy?

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Parsley is the most popular seasoning with a unique
rich in minerals and vitamins. Juice from the root and
Leaf is considered an indispensable elixir, since the drug
characterized by high biological activity. In addition to vitamins
There are a large number of antioxidants, flavonoids, mineral
salts. But can everybody use juice or eat
contraindications and can harm parsley juice?


Parsley Juice: Composition and Properties

Plant juice is a real pantry of vitamins, microelements,
minerals that are good for the body. According to the content of vitamins
Parsley juice can compete with any other drink. is he
rich in such vitamins:

– PP;


– K;

– vitamins of group B.

Also in the composition there are retinol, carotene, flavonoids, nicotinic
acid that improve the digestibility of the body ascorbic
acid. Characterized by a strong antioxidant effect.
Due to this composition, the flexibility of blood vessels and
their integrity. The composition contains such trace elements:

– magnesium;

– iron;

– potassium;

– phosphorus;

– sodium and so on.

This is a very low-calorie product that has almost no
fat With regard to therapeutic properties, the first thing you need
note diuretic. The drink is shown to be used by people who have
diseases of the urinary tract. The composition helps to bring out
the body of excess fluid, eliminating the swelling. After taking
local inflammation is eliminated and pathogenic microbes are killed.
With the constant use of parsley juice, you can get rid of
kidney stones.

The drink is extremely useful for the digestive system. is he
promotes the secretion of digestive elements and leads to normal
intestinal peristalsis. It should be drunk with stomach disorders,
lack of appetite and gastritis with low acidity.

If you mix this juice with beet, you can normalize
menstrual cycle. If mixed with carrot juice, it is recommended
drink to patients with a heavy load on the organs of vision. But nutritionists
It is advised to exclude foods from the diet when using juice.
containing starch.

Pauls parsley juice: how to cook the healing

The juice of the plant is not prepared in a canned form. Only
storage option is freeze in the freezer. But such
the composition may be used only for cosmetic purposes. Drink
such a composition is advisable in the summer time.

The drink is always prepared only at one time. Not recommended
even a short period of time to keep the composition in the refrigerator.
This is due to the fact that the beneficial properties very quickly pass. But
a broken Zelenushku can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Before preparing the healing composition of the stalks and leaves
must be very well washed under running water. Recommended
leave soaked for about forty minutes in the pan. Clean Zelenushku
grind with a blender. After using the gauze to press
Fresh Juice. To get the juice from the root, you need to wash the roots,
Rinse and grate. Press in the same way.

How to drink, so that was the benefits of parsley juice?

The drink has a high biological activity and acts
one of the most potent. That is why nutritionists
recommends to use no more than 50 ml of elixir per day. Also not
should be used in its pure form. Before use, juice is necessary
dilute with boiled water. It is also useful to mix with other
fresh juices.

If you want to lose a few extra pounds, then enough
drink only 2 small spoons of drink 30 minutes before
eating food three times a day. While using the remedy
experts recommend not eating meat products.
and sugar.

Mix the juice to normalize the menstrual cycle.
parsley with beet in the same proportion. During the day also
It is recommended to use more than 50 ml of beetroot drink. Start off
Reception means follows a couple of days before the start of the critical days and
continue until the end of the cycle.

Juice greens can be given to kids from the year. But нельзя
exceed dosage 2 small spoons per day. Pediatricians recommend
dilute juice with apples or add to vegetable puree.

The benefits of parsley juice in cosmetology

Parsley juice is very often used by cosmetologists and can
meet as part of the most expensive cosmetics. Him
can be mixed with other beneficial substances such as thyme,
burdock or chamomile. This is a unique tool that will help
solve a number of problems:

1. Mosquito bites. Parsley juice is an excellent remedy for
itching after mosquito bites. A few minutes after
applying the juice all symptoms disappear, the redness disappears and

2. Acne. If you can not get rid of acne
even when visiting beauticians, you must take advantage
parsley juice. Recommended ежедневно протирать ватным тампоном,
wetted in juice, problem areas of the dermis.

3. Excessive oily skin. A drink will help
cope with the glitter of the skin, excessively enlarged pores. For
To combat this problem, you need to make a mask of honey, juice
parsley and lemon juice in a ratio of 4 to 2 to 1.

4. Whitening of the skin. Mix parsley juice with nipple
lemon in the ratio of 1 to 5. The resulting tool to wipe the face
a couple of times a day.

5. Refreshing the dermis. Elixir helps to tone the epidermis.
It is enough to moisten a cotton swab in a liquid, to wipe the face,
wait until it dries. After that, rinse with warm water.

6. Strengthen hair. Experts recommend once a week
rinse your head after washing with green juice. After such procedures
hair will be lush, shiny, thick. The same goes for
cilia. If you wash the juice of greenfinch, the cilia will grow
faster and stop falling out.

7. Pigmentation of the skin. After a long stay on
the sun very often appears pigmented spots. To get rid of
such pathology is extremely simple. Needed daily once a day
spread gauze dipped in healing elixir on face.

8. Fighting freckles. This recipe has been used since ancient times.
times. You need to make a mask of sour milk with juice
parsley If the skin is sensitive, dry and flaky,
then the milk should be replaced with sour cream.

The harm of parsley juice: contraindicated

Like any other product, parsley juice is rich in acids,
therefore, it can provoke irritation of the oral mucosa, esophagus,
intestine, stomach. That is why it is strictly prohibited
use the composition of people with serious diseases of the oral cavity.
Also notльзя пить при наличии язвочек во рту, ран, заед.

Do not use the remedy for:

– gastritis with high acidity;

– chronic heartburn;

– various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

It is not recommended to use the product in pregnant women,
as the drink increases the tone of the uterus. Recommended before taking
get expert advice. Also before use
It is imperative to check for allergies to components, in
противном случае можно нанести вред parsley juice.

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