Parsley costume for a boy with his own hands -simple options. How to make costumes for parsley boys for theirby hands

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The Parsley Costume is the costume of the poteshnik and the joker. When
parents or teachers choose this image for the child, so they
I want to see a cheerful guy, witty and clever at words.
The costume should in every way match its bright colors and
unexpected combinations.

That is why this hero often has one leg of the same color, and
another completely different. On the feet are dressed multicolored shoes, and
cap crowned with two multi-colored cone. Parsley is decorated as
can To suit add collars, bells and funny

Костюм Петрушки для мальчика своими by hands: кафтан и штаны

A suit in the form of a separate sweater and pants should be combined between
by myself. Choose two colors:

– a jacket of one color, and pants of another;

– jacket and pants on one side of the same color, and on the second
side of the other.

For the first and second variants, the pattern will require one and
is the same.

Option 1

The first option is much easier to sew because it is wide
caftan, which is sewn according to simple patterns, usually slightly
elongated sweaters with sleeves. Pants in the first and second version
They are sewn the same way, the only difference is in the fabrics.

Stage 1

Measure your child: height of the product from shoulder to hip, length
sleeves from shoulder to hand, collar circumference, chest circumference
cages plus loose socks.

Here also take measurements for sewing trousers: the length from the belt to
ankles plus paddle clearance, hip circumference and circumference
legs, as well as the length of the leg from the groin to the ankle.

Stage 2

Transfer the dimensions to the fabric, draw the details on the pattern and
cut out.

Stage 3

Сшейте получившиеся детали между by myself. Process and tuck
hem collar, hem and sleeves. Stitch them on
sewing machine.

On the pants in the tucked edge of the belt stitch elastic. She is
must support the pants, so that they do not fall. At the bottom of
it is not necessary to sew the ankle gum, optional. But not
leave the cut edge untreated, otherwise fluff and
the threads will come out.

To the sweater can add a collar that is made and sewn
separately on the finished product. Also the bottom of the jacket and sleeves can be
do not straight, but cut off zigzags or triangles. AT
In such a case, add an additional pattern to such a pattern.
10 cm long, otherwise there will not be enough fabric.

In order to make a collar cut out of multi-colored fabric
slightly elongated pentagons. Sew them along the sideline between
itself, alternating colors in a checkerboard pattern. You will have a semicircle
from multi-colored parts. Tie and sew the bottom cut
edge of the collar, and on the top line attach it to the neck
sweaters, tucked inside the cut edge.

ATариант 2

This jacket and pants will be in one half of the same color, and
the other half of the other. This complicates the work, but not much.

Stage 1

For the jacket, choose two contrasting colors of the fabric of the same quality.
The same fabric will be used for pants. Fold them face up
side to face and stitch one side. This seam will be
replace the folded edge of the fabric when drawing the pattern. Apply
Pattern line with stitched seam. ATырежьте получившиеся
the details. When turning in the middle of each part should be
seam stitching multicolored sides of the jacket with each other.

When sewing pants, fold the same face to the front two
fabric colors and then roll everything in half. Apply выкройку и
вырежьте the details. You should have two parts one by one.
every tissue.

Stage 2

Sew together the details of the jacket and pants. When sewing sweaters first
body parts are stitched, and then a sleeve is attached to the armhole.
The cut edges are twisted and stitched.

The pants are sewn first with a short upper side seam, and then
the legs are turned and stitched inside from the groin
towards the ankle. AT пояс вшивается резинка, а в ноги по
wish. If you do not sew a leg elastic, then the pants will remain.

As in the first embodiment, the costume can be supplemented with a multicolored
collar and zigzag sleeves and the same hem of a jacket.
The cut on the bottom of the pants can also be made in the form

Костюм Петрушки для мальчика своими by hands: комбинезон

The jumpsuit is a one-piece suit, where the jacket goes into the pants.
The jumpsuit is sewn with whole details according to such a pattern.

It is extremely important here not to be mistaken with the size, so when sewing
overalls need to be properly removed and moved measurements.

Stage 1

Measure your child: the height of the intended product
goes from shoulder to ankle with an allowance of 15-20 cm., sleeve length from
shoulder to the wrist, length of the leg from the groin to the ankle, circumference of the collar,
circumference of the chest, thigh and leg with an allowance of 15-20 cm. for
freedom of movement.

As in the previous suit, the sleeves and the ankle cut
можно украсить неровным краем в виде вытянутых triangles.
Consider these elements in advance, before so how do you start
cut fabric parts. Add sleeve lengths to length
feet 10-15 cm additionally to the decorative cut.

Stage 2

ATажно использовать ткань двух цветов, которая будет ложиться на
one half of the body with one color and the other with another color. For
To get this effect, fold the two colors of the fabric on top of each other.
face up and sew one edge on the garment
typewriter. This edge will serve as a collapsed side when applied.
contour patterns on the fabric.

Stage 3

Transfer the measurements and draw a pattern on the fabric. ATырежьте
the details.

Stage 4

Sew the parts together and turn out the product.

Stage 5

Tie and trim the sleeve, collar, and bottom
pants. If the cut is shaped, then observing the pattern, process the edge
на sewing machine.

Stage 6

ATшейте резинку в рукава и на штаны у щиколотки. ATшивать резинку
can be higher than the edge, then the uneven cut will look richer and
more magnificent.

Sew big buttons or boombs on the belly vertically in
three rows, you can decorate the collar with lush jabot or colored
pentagons as in the previous version of the suit.

Костюм Петрушки для мальчика своими by hands: колпак

A cap or hat in a Parsley suit is a must-have item. She is
made of the same fabric from which the costume is made and in the same
color range.

Stage 1

Measure the depth of the head and girth of the head. Share results by
2 and apply to the fabric contour of the cap in accordance with the pattern and
cut it out. You should have two details of the same color, two
details of a different color and base.

Stage 2

Sew the details of the cap between each other, and then around the circumference
sew the base. Tighten the bottom edge and secure the cuff
by hand, making small stripes on the sides.

Stage 3

At the edges of the cap sew boombs or bells.

Костюм Петрушки для мальчика своими by hands: ботинки

For полноты образа можете сделать ботинки под костюм Петрушки
для мальчика своими by hands. They are made of felt or of the same
fabrics that suit. For того, что бы нога ребенка не замерзла, в
the shoes are inserted into a warm insole or they are put on over the top
shoes. This is especially important if the shoes are sewn from a thin fabric.

Stage 1

On the fabric, draw the outline of the details on the pattern.

Stage 2

ATырежьте детали и сшейте их между by myself. Decorate sharp noses
bells, and the tongue bow, made of satin ribbons.

The color of the shoes, as well as the costume can be different. On one leg
shoes of one color, and on the other foot of a different color.

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