Parents joint sleep with a child: for orvs

Sat, 07 Jun 2014

The question of whether the baby needs to sleep in a separate bed or
together with parents, worries many. There is no single answer. Even
psychologists have not come to a common opinion in this matter.

Жесткие аргументы vsников совместного сна:

  • In a dream, parents can pin down the baby.
  • In the future, joint sleep will affect normal sexual
    development in children.
  • The presence of children in the parental bed interferes with their intimate
    of life.
  • Baby grows dependent.

How to do the parents?

Мнения «vs»

1. When the first child is born, it is clear that parents want
do everything necessary for his health: wearing a sling,
breastfeeding, sleeping together … What should a baby do in a bed
spouses? After all, the woman no one removed the duties of his wife when she
became a mom. Naturally, in the first 40 days, when there is no strength,
experience, it is better for mom to recover if the baby is put under
mother’s flank. But here too there should not be a goal of joint sleep.
A child must learn to sleep alone.

2. We often put children to sleep with us in the hope
sleep well But. experts found that children sleeping
with mothers, almost all night lie face to them. Both babies and their
parents react sensitively to the slightest movements of each other, they have a dream

3. Naked adult bodies can affect formation.
sexuality in children.

Opinions “for”:

1. The danger of harm to the child exists if the parents
are under the influence of alcohol, drugs. But,
such moms and without joint sleep will cause harm to the baby.

2. In the crib, baby doesn’t hear mother’s heartbeat,

3. When the baby is sleeping separately, he feels abandoned,

4. Joint sleep is one of the frequent ways to fill the deficit.
communicating with the child (if they are engaged) due to tactile sensations,
at the level of the elementary human warmth that sleepers share
together people.

5. On the formation of baby’s sexuality has a bad effect
not sharing sleep with parents, but how they relate to each other
to a friend.

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