Oversized women are advised to eat darkgrapes

Tue, Nov 11, 2014

American scientists told about the unexpected properties of the dark
grapesа. It turned out that regular consumption of resveratrol –
the substance that is released from the skins of this berry, positively
affects bone tissue, reducing the risk of osteoporosis in complete

Observation of a group of men and women was conducted for 16 weeks. Eventually
It was found that regular intake of resveratrol led to a rapid
growth and renewal of cartilage tissue, the bones become more dense.

It should be noted that a similar effect can be achieved only in
case of taking significant doses of this substance. However, the assurance
doctors, in order to prevent, you can take small doses
ресвератрола, содержащегося в темных сортах grapesа, а также
drinks from it.

Curious, but red wine is not the best source.
resveratrol. Замечательной альтернативой ему являются grapesные
sauces and juices (without sugar).


smokie1504 07.12.2016 Очень люблю темный grapes, но всегда
considered it high-calorie, or am I right !? Irina 11/13/2016 Your weight is already
far beyond 70? You probably want to throw at least 20 kg. Of course,
The task is not easy, but quite real.

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