Original gift – cake made from pampersby hands. Step-by-step instructions for preparing a cake of pampers(a photo)

Ср, 01 мар 2017 Автор: Марина Ивасюк

The birth of a baby in a family is a great happiness not only for
parents, but also for loved ones. It is very difficult to find
gift for a newborn with such a huge selection of children

I want to present a useful and original surprise
crumbs and his parents. Cake from pampers, with a surprise inside,
Handmade, will be a great gift.

Cake from pampers do-it-yourself: materials and tools

To make a cake of pampers do it yourself
the following materials and tools:

• diapers, ask mom about the size of diapers, what
manufacturer preference;

• round flat tray or circle cut from solid

• wet wipes – 1 pack;

• cotton swabs – 1 pack;

• stationery gum – 1 pack;

• satin ribbon of different widths (color, depending on the floor
newborn: girl – red, yellow, white, pink; boy
– green and blue), you will need up to 15 meters;

• double-sided tape;

• for a surprise – baby powder, cream, soap, toys,
socks, books and everything that you liked;

• medical gloves – one pair.

Three tier cake made of pampers with your own hands

The creation of such a cake does not take much time and financial
costs. It is based on diapers, and the size of the cake can be
regulate yourself. Before starting work, wash your hands well.
Pampers are a matter of personal hygiene and must be clean,
when they get to the baby.

Stage 1

We proceed to the preparation of the first tier. On a flat surface
(tray or carved round stand made of thick cardboard)
we stack vertically twisted in rolls of 37 diapers.
We fix each diaper with a stationery eraser. We insert into
the middle of a baby bottle or shampoo with wet wipes.
We fasten from the outside with a rubber band.

Stage 2

Cooking middle tier. For the second layer, we need 27
diapers We prepare rolls on the model of the first tier, we fasten them
with a rubber band, remove one pampers from the middle and insert a bottle with
powder or baby cream.

Stage 3

Cooking the upper tier. For the top layer, take 16 diapers,
fastened with rubber bands, laid on the middle tier
rubber band. Be sure to fasten the tiers among themselves. Otherwise the design
get unstable and can fall apart.

Stage 4

We start to decorate our cake. Any size will be suitable for decoration.
and color satin ribbons. We tie each tier around the outer circle and
tie a beautiful bow. Under the tape you can insert a card with
congratulations or things needed for the baby. Decorating the top of the cake
toys, put rattles and baby accessories on the sides.
This cake will turn out beautiful, elegant, and most importantly useful for

Single tier cake made from pampers

To create such crafts are used diapers. The size
The original gift depends on your preference. The more
diapers in the package, the more can be the final

Для небольшой поделки хватит и 30 diapers Of them can
make a neat cake in the height of one tier. This cake can
Beautifully decorate, showing your imagination and design idea.

Stage 1

For the work we need the following materials: eleven diapers,
one bright diaper, wide satin ribbon, narrow ribbon (like that of
florists), decorations and scissors.

Stage 2

The first diaper is twisted into a roll, tied with a ribbon and set
in the middle of the tray. It will be the main one, from which we will
отталкиваться и расставлять рулончики из diapers His need
fix well, because it will be the basis of the cake.

Stage 3

Around the first roll set diapers in such a way
to get the “sun”. They should stand edge, and their bottom
part is directed to the first roll, which was installed in the center

Stage 4

Then gently tape all the diapers to make
cake, directing the tips in one direction. Make it easy if to
roll attach the first pampers in its lower part and already behind it
exhibit the rest. Thus, when the tape is tightened
falling apart and easily fixed.

Stage 5

Wrap diaper and tape and fasten with hot melt. To decorate
cake can be any cloth. Commonly used natural fabrics from
cotton, flax, etc. They are safe and do not cause allergies.

Cake from pampers with the hands with “icing”

To make a cake from pampers do it yourself
take 90 diapers of the first or second size, bright beautiful
tapes of any width, thin elastic bands for sticking diapers, scotch tape
double-sided, tailor needles, diapers, children’s blanket or
towel, baby soap, various decorations,

Stage 1

Diapers should be divided into tiers. On the first tier
40 diapers are required, 30 diapers for the second, and
20. Thus, the cake will turn out to be a pyramidal shape. This
the design is strong and resistant properties.

Stage 2

The first cake: put 40 pieces of diapers in a circle, spiral,
securing the first and last needles with tailors. In the middle
put the baby shampoo. Atop in a circle spiral fix
rubber band, for structural strength.

Stage 3

Готовим «глазурь» для cake. Fold diaper width
diapers, wrapped around the cake and fasten with needles. it
will give strength to the cake and aesthetic appearance.

Stage 4

The second shortcake is prepared from 30 pampers, folded round,
закрепленные портновскими иглами и rubber band. Colored diaper
we wrap the edges of the cake. Set on the first layer in the middle
We put baby powder.

Stage 5

The third top cake – from 20 pieces. The process of creating the third
Korzh not much different from others. The only difference here
является количество diapers

Thisп 6

Decorate the cake. To do this, we take a variety of children’s toys,
we place them on the “steps” of the cake, between the diapers. Unforgettably
such important things as dummy, cotton swabs, drinking
bottle, cream, powder. And on top of the cake booties or
soft toy. Gift for the newborn

Do-it-yourself diaper cake: professional advice

When cooking a cake of pampers with your own hands for
the newborn must follow the following rules of hygiene:

1. • When making a cake, hands should be clean or in gloves,
and the place is sterile. Do not twist the diapers inside
out for the preservation of the protective layer.

2. • Animals are excluded in the room so that the wool does not fall on
diapers. Even a small amount of wool can harm a baby,
causing an allergic reaction.

3. • All cake materials must be processed. Glass and
plastic items are washed with soap and treated with antiseptic
solutions. Fabric materials – ironed.

4. • Gum and tailor needles that we use to
fasten the cake, steam or sterilize.

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