Orange diet: the basics + menu for twoof the day

apelsinovaya-dietaExperts in the field of weight loss for the umpteenth time
note that an orange is not only an excellent option for
delicious dessert, but it can also be actively used within
safe weight loss in the diet of the same name –

На сегоof the dayшний день встречается немало различных ее вариантов:
some of them are fully consistent with the standards of healthy eating, in
while others cause well-deserved concerns about their
final performance and safety for the body.

And this once again confirms the unshakable rule – before
the beginning of the use of any new program of nutrition costs in detail
consult with a doctor (first of all with a nutritionist) about
its possible nuances and consequences.

So, there are two basic approaches in building an orange
diet – at the heart of one of them is the use of fresh fresh
(как правило, не менее 1 литра на протяжении of the day), смысл другого
lies in the fact that you need to eat directly
fruit before each main meal.

Also on various sites for losing weight, you can find other
often more stringent and radical conditions, for example, when except
апельсинов в течение of the day запрещается есть какую-либо другую

A few years ago, experts from a popular American
research center in the course of their work concluded that
The most optimal period of application of the diet on oranges is
ровно 2 of the day, после ее эффективность начинает неумолимо снижаться, а
undesirable consequences threaten all previously received
favor In just two days, you can lose at least 2
kilograms and clean your body well from all accumulated in
digestive tract slags and toxins. But still it is necessary to recognize
that in view of such a limited duration of this diet in the first
queue is designed for people who need to lose weight quickly
for a couple of kg, for example, before an important event in life!

Features of use of an orange diet:

The main ingredient of the diet – orange – is pretty
low-calorie exotic fruit (not more than 35 kcal per 100 gr.), in
which contains about 8 grams. carbohydrates.

In the food chain, oranges can be purchased at any
time of year that allows them to be used as the main
source of vitamins and minerals in the period of their greatest deficiency –
in the winter.

As for the known beneficial properties of the diet, in addition to
direct weight correction can still be noted following her
features: it perfectly affects the processes of digestion,
has a light relaxing and diuretic effect, famous for its
antiviral, antibacterial properties, reduces
likelihood of cancer problems.


Two-day menu of orange diet for weight loss

Day 1:

  • На протяжении всего of the day вы кушаете плоды апельсина в
    unlimited quantities, supplementing your diet with wholegrain
    bread (a few pieces) during each main meal
    (breakfast lunch dinner).

Day 2:

  • Breakfast – peel and dice the orange and cook
    100 gr. natural homemade yogurt (in extreme cases, low-fat
    purchased). Mix all this gently and refresh as desired.
    lemon juice.
  • Lunch – make a delicious salad from one orange, half
    red onions, a small amount of dried fruit (for example, raisins
    or dried apricots) and 1 tbsp. spoons of vegetable oil.
  • Dinner – Eat one slice of whole grain bread, spread
    butter, and orange.

What else you need to know about the diet on oranges !?

As we said above, prolonged use of the diet (more
2 days) is able to have a negative impact on the final
result. However, you can focus your attention on more
lightweight options that can be followed as you like

For example, eat one orange before each trip to
the kitchen – it helps you maintain strict control over
own feeling of hunger and quicker to be filled with food.

By the way, I want to note that the orange contains enough
the amount of vegetable protein and fiber that makes it desirable
product for any diet.

But it should always be remembered that the active reduction of excess
weight is possible only under the condition of creating a negative balance, then
Eating calories should always be less than
израсходованных организмом на протяжении of the day.

As for the use of squeezed juice in the composition of
sort of diets, then this option is less preferable than the use
whole fruits due to the lack of full fiber, plus fresh
более калорийный (в 100 gr. до 80 ккал).

Предостережение: Несмотря на все свои преимущества,
oranges can contribute to the deterioration of people’s health
with various digestive tract problems so their
consumption requires attention and consultation.
the doctors.

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