Only prejudices and fantasies about meat are harmful.nutria! Nutritionists say: nutria meat is exceptionally healthydish!

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Nutria – exceptionally tasty and dietary meat.
Many are repelled by the not quite noble origin of the animal,
therefore, initially it was bred only because of the valuable

In the early sixties of the last century, scientists were held
serious research meat rare domestic animals, which
confirmed and recognized high taste or nutritional performance
not inferior and in many ways superior to the characteristics of meat carcasses
traditional animals.


Benefits of nutria meat and advantages of breeding on the backyard

• Nutrias are unpretentious to any type of feed, so it’s not difficult
solve the issue with the conditions and their contents. Animal easy to breed
in a normal barn or even a garage, in addition:

• Herbivorous animal is omnivorous, eats herbs, grain and
household waste, which significantly reduces the cost of their

• Nutrias have good immunity and resistance to
various diseases;

• Due to the rapid growth and reproduction of the owners can count
on high meat productivity.

• Delicious meat will be appreciated by many guests and

Useful properties of nutria meat

• Nutritionists agree that nutrium meat content
vitamins and minerals in many ways surpasses not only beef, but
and diet products such as chicken and rabbit meat. Food
value (per 100 g of meat):

• Proteins – 23, 91;

• Fats – 4, 73.

• Due to its high protein content such meat will be very helpful.
athletes, children, and people in the recovery period after
severe illnesses.

Let us examine in detail the use of nutrient

1. • Nutria meat does not burden the body and does not give the feeling of feeling
heaviness in the stomach. Therefore, those who wish to lose weight can safely
eat this dish for dinner.

2. • Low calorie content allows you to take this dish to discharge

3. • Meat nutria physicians are classified as hypoallergenic products.

4. • A high content of B vitamins helps to strengthen
nervous system.

5. • The product has a tonic effect on
cardiovascular system.

6. • Meat rich in potassium and magnesium will help
normalize sleep.

So what is the use of nutria meat

• This meat is similar in appearance to a rabbit. However, it has
peculiar aroma and taste. Taste something like
chicken or rabbit. In nutria living in natural conditions, meat
has a specific fishy smell and the same taste. Have
domestic animals such aftertaste
missing. Many gourmets of America and Europe prefer
This type of meat and recognize as a special delicacy that is served in
restaurants and which is used as a diet food.
The content of vitamins (100 grams of meat

• B4 – 124.89 mg;

• C – 1.97 mg;

• PP – 1.85 mg;

• B9 – 12.5 µg;

• B12 – 7.76 µg;

• E – 0.93 mkg.

• Vitamin B4 is able to be synthesized in the body from amino acids
methionine, but only in small quantities, so it is very important
daily intake with food. Daily need
vitamin up to 1 g per day.

Витамин C присутствует в мясе нутрии в
small amount. Ascorbic acid is found in
mainly in berries, vegetables and fruits, therefore it is better to eat meat
in combination with these products.

РР — обладает сосудорасширяющим effect.

В12 — потребность в этом витамине составляет 3
mcg per day. In our case, the face is twice exceeding this.
indicator. In some sources, B12 is called antianemic.
This property is used to study the mechanism of the origin of anemia and
her treatment – even a single injection of thousandths of a gram of this
substances can significantly improve hematopoietic function.
An insignificant amount of B12 the body is capable of independently
synthesize with the help of intestinal microflora, but still the main
its quantity must be ingested with the food of the animal

Витамин Е — оказывает омолаживающий эффект на
the human body, slowing down cell aging, daily need –
up to 200 mg.

The mineral composition of nutria meat and benefits to the body

• Nutria meat contains large amounts of micro and
macronutrients whose combination is rare in other species
meat pets.

• Potassium together with chlorine (Cl) and sodium (Na) regulates
water-salt exchange, maintains optimal balance
intracellular and tissue fluids, has alkalizing
effect. Along with sodium (Na), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg)
maintains acid-base balance.

• Phosphorus affects mental, muscular function and activity.
the whole body. Together with calcium gives bone strength
tissue and strengthens the teeth.

• Sodium, in addition to the above functions, is involved in the regulation
blood pressure and the mechanism of muscle contraction, maintaining
normal heartbeat, gives endurance to the tissues.

• Magnesium – a natural anti-stress substance helps to fight with

• Calcium – the total amount of this substance in the human body
makes about 2% of body weight (1000 – 1500 grams).

• Iron – the main blood-forming element.

• Zinc – necessary for the growth and development of the body, for sexual
maturation and procreation

• Copper – needed for normal respiratory and nervous

• Fluoride – is involved in the growth of the skeleton, in the healing of bone tissue
with fractures

• Careful attention should be given to nutria slaughter. It’s necessary
to preserve high taste and presentation of meat
products. The first step is to remove blood from the carcass, and after
how to remove the skin, be sure to cool the carcass and give the meat
ripen, keeping it for about 10 hours at room temperature.
Ripe meat on juiciness superior rabbit.

Nutrias Fat

• On average, per adult carcass of nutria after
cutting accounts for 500 grams of fat. Its value exceeds the order
beef or pork. Fat animal for example:

• Able to melt at a sufficiently low temperature – about +
28. In addition, nutria fat does not increase cholesterol.

• Fat is easily digested. Its use does not leave feeling

• Helps with colds.

• Used to treat cracks in the skin, heals wounds.

• Unsaturated fatty acids play an important role in metabolic
processes. Confirmed fact, in the States, nutria meat is prized on
order is more expensive than even beef or lean carcass

Nutria meat is not only good, but also harmful

• A few words about the possible harm of eating nutria meat.
Possible factors:

• Individual intolerance;

• Poor heat treatment;

• A sample of raw minced meat to taste.

• Here are all the main contraindications.

•Total. You can easily buy nutria meat from friends
farmers or breed these animals in their homestead
plot. To the one who never tried the meat of a homemade water rat,
perhaps it is worth overcoming prejudices and to appreciate
tastes of culinary delicacy.

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