Onions – planting and care in the open field. Waysplanting onions in the open field, preparation of plantingof the material

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Some people love bow very much, others calmly, but
Without this vegetable can not do many dishes. It is often used in
traditional medicine, and in landscape design, he found his place –
many forms and types of this plant allows you to grow it in
as a decorative culture in the borders and flower beds, planted
its even in rockeries.

Planting onions in the garden

Onions are planted in spring, a convenient time for
This is the beginning of May, for the culture you need to pick up a bed with a warm
soil – if the temperature of the soil will drop to 12 degrees and
less, the bow will begin to form an arrow, rather than an onion and a feather.
Most often, onions in the garden are obtained easily, through onion sevok –
The first season is sowing seeds (chernushku), and small
onions, in the second year it is planted again, and in the fall clean
full harvest. But it is difficult to save sevke in winter, for him
requires special humidity and temperature, for this reason it
sometimes planted in the winter.

Preparation of beds for onions

Onion – a culture that is very fond of sunlight, it is good
grows in sunny, open areas without excessive moisture, soil
should be nutritious, with an acidity of about 6.4-7.9 pH. If on
the soil is soil with high acidity, then before planting the onion will need
his lime.

The site for the onion is prepared in advance – it is fertilized in the fall
rotted manure (fresh can not, it will increase the growth of green mass, and
bulbs to grow fully, do not have time) or peat
compost Wood ash, lime, or
dolomite flour depending on the level of acidity. Before sowing
seeds, you only need to add 20 g of potassium chloride to the bed,
10 g of urea and 60 g of superphosphate, fertilizer mixed with a rake
with soil. Onions grow best after – tomatoes, legumes,
cabbage, where the potatoes grew, and after cucumbers, carrots and
garlic, onions can be planted only after 3-5
years old.

How do I plant onions

There are 3 common ways to produce marketable onions:

– In the annual culture of the seed method;

– In the annual culture by seedling method;

– In a two-year culture, through sevok.

Get commodity bulbs using one year seed sowing
only in regions with a long summer period, so they grow
sweet and semi-sweet varieties of onions. Before sowing
the seeds are stratified or kept for 24 hours for swelling.
wet gauze. After that, they are sown in mineral fertilized soil.
formulations and spilled copper sulphate, a solution for this is prepared,
dissolving in a bucket of water 1 tbsp. spoon of the drug. Flower bed after sowing
well watered and covered with foil. After the emergence of seedlings,
shelter is removed, thickened shoots break through, leaving space
between plants 2-3 cm, then crops mulch with humus.
Another thinning needs to be done in 3 weeks, leaving
the space between seedlings is 6-8 cm.

With the help of seedlings mainly get sweet varieties. For this
swollen or pre-stratified seeds for 2 months
before transplanting seedlings on a bed, sown in boxes to a depth of 1 cm,
between the rows leave a space of 4-5 cm. The seedling of this culture
not capricious, but before transplanting it is necessary to cut the roots by 1/3 and
seedlings leaves.

the middle lane and northern areas with a short summer, it is difficult
get full bulbs for the warm season, for this reason
grow onions for 2 years. First get sev of seeds, and
second season grow turnip from sevka. So grow sharp
varieties. AT первой декаде мая следующего года, полученный севок
planted on a bed in rows after 30 cm, with intervals of 10 cm in
row, 4-5 cm deep. But seed need to advance
sort through, sort by size and warm up for a week in the sun
place, so the bow will not begin to form an arrow.

If a
you need to get fresh green onions, sevok planted
denser – with intervals of 5-7 cm, after a time, after the bow
rises you just need to break through the rows, leaving space
between onions 8-10 cm

Sub-winter onion sowing

For landing at this time is best suited for small sevok – his
also called osyusuzhka, because he does not appear arrows. For
receiving greens in the spring, in the fall land a small amount
large sevka. Winter onions will give you many benefits:

– It will not be necessary to store all winter sevok – it dries quickly, in
normal conditions;

– The onion fly appearing in the spring can no longer
damage the hardened bow;

– It’s easier to get an early harvest – the first products are ready
in July;

– Onions ripen quickly, and you can still
get something.

For подзимнего посева подходят морозостойкие сорта — Штутгертен,
Strigunovsky, Danilovsky, Arzamas. Requirements for the site
same as when sown in spring, except for one thing – it is better to plant onions on
beds where the snow melts faster and not delayed melt water. In the autumn
Onions are planted from October 5-20, waiting for the first frosts.
Sowing material before planting is calibrated, sorted and heated,
after which they are planted 6-7 cm in advance
grooves 5 cm deep. Between individual rows leave free
15 cm space not earlier than the first frost begins (otherwise the onion
can zapret) bed is covered with straw or spruce branches, shelter
removed immediately after the snow melts.

Plant Care

Watering. Onion crops need regular watering, after it
you need to loosen the soil, the bed must often weed to the weeds
do not score weak shoots until they are stronger.

It is necessary to water this culture once a week, pouring out about 5-10
l water per 1 m², but in a dry year you will need to water the plants
almost every day, in a rainy summer watering is needed strongly
restrict the bulbs from starting to rot from excess moisture. By
For this reason, it is better to simply monitor the soil moisture, so that crops can
did not suffer from waterlogging or drought. If a воды не хватает,
onion feathers take on a bluish-white hue, and if there is a lot of water, then
greenery becomes pale. AT середине лета поливать грядки с луком
less often, as the onion is ripe.

Byдкормка. When preparing the beds in the autumn, the soil
fertilize, as stated above, in the spring, as well feed the soil.
Byсле этого, если листья растений медленно развиваются, то удобряют
plants with a solution of urea or infusion of bird droppings, you can
use mullein. After 2 weeks, if necessary, feeding
repeat, after the bulbs grow to walnut,
feed up the third time.

Disease protection. Often inexperienced gardeners do not know what
to treat the beds with onions from disease. AT основном требуется
preventive protection of green mass from fungal diseases,
after the feathers grow to a height of 15 cm, the treatment is carried out
a solution of copper sulphate – 1 teaspoon dissolved in a bucket of water
substances. To hold the liquid on the leaves longer, into the solution
add 1 tbsp. crushed laundry soap.

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