Onion diet: lose weight without a tear

lukovaya-dietaToday, when the problem of obesity
more and more absorbs our planet, already more than a million
people used the onion diet and were pleased with it
at 100%!

And such an assessment is really deserved, because with a clear
following the recommendations she is able to perform real miracles – in
the average person loses weight by 5 kg. only for one
of the week.

This result is due to the presence of special onions
ingredients that can just melt the excess fat! To their number
applies and chrome. But why is he so good !?

Хром – это один из основных компонентов таблицы
Mendeleev, which has a stabilizing effect on the level
human insulin (glucose antagonist). And this means that
change in sugar volume will be more smooth and
without sudden falls, which in turn cause rapid
increasing hunger and the rapid loss of strength and energy.

In addition, thanks to this unique property of chromium, you can
reduce the number of daily meals or the size of the portions themselves, which
will create enough calorie deficit for fast but safe
losing weight

Other advantages of the onion diet:

  • It has an excellent diuretic effect that solves the problem.
    fluid retention within the body.
  • Effective for the prevention and alternative treatment of diseases
    the liver.
  • It is a good remedy against flatulence.
  • Helps in the treatment of diabetes.

The main course of the diet is a special onion soup,
recipe for cooking which is quite simple: prepares in advance
lean vegetable broth (for taste you can add a little beef)
and the following types of vegetables – a few tomatoes, 5 – 6 small
bulbs, a couple of pieces of Bulgarian pepper and herbs to taste (parsley,
green onions, dill).

All this is sliced ​​and poured into broth, it is brought
Boil and simmer until the vegetables are completely tender.
Then add some olive oil and, if desired, basic
spice. Due to the large content of all useful for human
vitamins and trace elements, this soup will be just real
finding in the diet of those people who, because of the high rate of life
often prefer fast food restaurants or in the kitchen
use semi-finished products. In addition, sufficient daily intake
vegetables protects the body from the occurrence of many known
diseases: heart, blood vessels, bones, cancer and

Plus, onion soup has almost no calories.
component, so you can eat it in unlimited volume.

Features menu onion diet for weight loss

Duration – one week. As we said above – size
portions of soup is not regulated, but other products
distributed as follows:

  • First day: today you (besides soup) can be consumed
    absolutely any fruit to your taste, with the exception of a banana. Also
    always keep in mind their calories, for example, calories in a watermelon
    practically no, but in grapes – quite the opposite.
  • Second day: besides onion soup you can eat vegetables
    absolutely any type. It’s best to stop your
    fresh vegetables, but you can also eat them in boiled vegetables, and even
    stewed, but without the use of butter. In addition, in your
    daily ration you can add baked potatoes with a small
    volume of olive oil.
  • The third day: On this day, you can combine it with a soup intake, like
    vegetables (except potatoes) and fruits.
  • Fourth day: daily routine is identical to the previous one, however you
    You can also pamper yourself with 250 ml. skimmed yogurt
    or yogurt and a couple of ripe bananas.
  • Fifth day: today is the day of exclusively soup, tomatoes and lean
    meat To do this, your choice bake in the oven 500 gr. chicken
    fillet, beef or low-fat fish. Daily volume of tomatoes
    unlimited, give your preference fresh instead of
    canned options. Fruit is tabooed.
  • Sixth day: this day is almost similar to the previous one.
    The only thing – tomatoes must be replaced with vegetables of green color,
    for example, cucumbers, cabbage, green peas or salad
    sheets. Fruit is still banned.
  • The seventh day: at the final stage of the diet you eat soup,
    absolutely any fruit, vegetables and boiled rice (brown is better

With regard to fluid intake during the diet, it is
standard 2 liters per day. It may be spring water,
green or herbal tea and even natural coffee, but without

Prohibited reception: bakery products, soda (soda),
sweets and alcohol.

After the end of the program it is necessary to select 3 – 4
days to “rest.”

Минусы использования луковой диеты: Из-за отсутствия
many foods diet is not always able to provide the body
all the nutrients necessary for human life that
although the problem is solved by supplementing with vitamin and
mineral complexes.

Also в виду больших ограничений в меню диета очень трудная для
respect, therefore best suited to achieve fast
result with sufficient motivation, for example, the task of losing weight
before a beach holiday or your own wedding.

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