On the series “Fizruk” complained to the president

Wed, May 28, 2014

The series “Fizruk” the main role in which is played by Dmitry Nagiyev,
attracted the attention of deputies. In particular, the deputy from the party
�“Fair Russia” Elena Mizulina in the presence of Vladimir Putin
criticized the film, outraged by the fact that he allegedly distorts the image
Russian school, expresses disregard for the teaching staff and parents.
Moreover, according to Mizulina, the series goes to the “childish
time “is extremely outrageous and dangerous for the younger

The deputy claims that judging the teachers on this film,
it is even difficult to compose their normal image. Insofar as
Dmitry Nagiyev is extremely talented, the character he
embodies, becomes extremely attractive to young, ready
to adopt the image of the action of the protagonist of the film.

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