On the pot for a whistle?

On the pot for a whistle?
Mon, Feb 01, 2016

An unusual method of potty training describes meddaily.ru,
referring to the website of The Indian Express. Swedish researchers
studied Vietnamese families where there is a tradition in which
Vietnamese are proud to teach children to pot almost from birth.
By the age of nine months, their children no longer need diapers.

The essence of the method is as follows: as soon as the mother notices
that the child needs to go to the toilet, she starts to whistle. Process
learning begins almost from the first days of the appearance of the baby on

Gradually, the baby’s brain begins to associate a whistle with
urination. And at the age of nine months, the child is already capable
restrain urination. Of course, if you remind him in time
that it’s time to use the pot.

In the West, parents usually begin to teach children to pot
earlier than a year. Now some pediatricians even advise mothers.
begin such training in no sooner than the baby turns two
year, and even much later. However, the benefits of early initiation
baby to the pot is not only saving on diapers and on
time spent replacing them. According to the Swedish
scientists, early formed ability to hold their bladder
under control very well affects the state of the whole
urinary system.

So now scientists advise parents to whistle more often
to kid.

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