Olesya Sudzilovskaya does not eat after seven

Like many Moscow actresses, Olesya Sudzilovskaya turned to
services of Margarita Koroleva – a fashionable nutritionist, thanks to whom
able to lose weight Vladimir Solovyov, Nadezhda Babkina, Nikolay Baskov
and other celebrities.

The Sudzilov problem with overweight was only after
leaving school when leaving a sport (Olesya – KMS
Rhythmic Gymnastics), the future actress recovered by 10 kg,
after which she urgently had to go on a diet to return

Many years later, Olesya turned to nutritionist Margarita.
The Queen, and she taught her to eat and maintain shape.
Now Olesya believes that the need to consult about nutrition
only with a professional.

�“I advise everyone,” says the actress in an interview with Corbina.tv, “
to lose weight only with a doctor, and not to listen to any advice from friends. “

Now Sudzilovskaya does not adhere to any diets, but observes
the simple rules that Margarita Koroleva taught her:

– You can eat often, but gradually – there can be until seven in the evening –
There should be very little sweet and salty in the diet.

Olesya says that there are no difficulties in the system of Margarita
The Queen is not. In addition to observing these rules, the actress does not smoke, does not
drinks and goes to the gym. Site Peoples.ru claims that weight
Sudzilovskoy 54 kg with height 169 see

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