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Thu, 29 Sep 2016

Holidays October 7

Harvest Festival in Germany, day

Праздник thanksgiving «Erntedankfest» проходит в первое
Sunday October. Since Roman times, the Catholic Church
Germany and people thank God and nature for their gifts, for caring for
people Rituals of the return of a part of the gift are performed. It is very ancient
a holiday since the 3rd century it was regularly celebrated in Catholic
countries, and in Prussia since 1773. The Evangelical Church defines
His separately – the first Sunday after St. Michael’s Day.
It is believed that the harvest keeps the spirit, giving growth or
death. The church is decorated with the fruits of the new harvest, are made
wreaths of ears collected in the last sheaf. The altar is filled
consecrated fruits and vegetables.

Grape Festival in Marino (Italy)

On the same day, the famous festival in Italy – Marino
Grape Festival – Grape Festival. Bright rich festival
accompanied by wine tasting and the best varieties of wine
grapes. In the old town near Rome are located
resort areas for the Roman aristocrats, since the time of the Roman
empire. The holiday is held on the initiative of the poet Leon Chiprelli. On
Holiday brought about 3000 liters of local white wine.
The religious basis of the festival is expressed in the worship of the Italians.
the miraculous icon of the Madonna del Rosario of the 12th century (Madonna of Victory).
This holy preserves the crop and protects it from hail and rain.
The main action of the holiday is considered a historical parade in honor of
Goddess of Victory, who played a big role in winning the naval battle with
the fleet of the Ottoman Empire, which occurred on October 7, 1571.

Herring Festival in Helsinki

We are mistaken in considering the herring a true Russian product.
The main admirers and fans of fish live in Finland, and therefore
celebrate the herring holiday in early October. Herring fairs in
Helsinki lasts three days, it is brought in huge
the quantities of herring catches of the last catches in various forms – salty,
slightly salted, with sauce, mustard, etc. Also fair represents
various items of wool clothing, crafts. At the end
the best pickled herring of the year is chosen.

The Day of the formation of the headquarters units of the Ministry

This is one of the very long-standing holidays of the system of the Ministry of Interior, celebrated with
1918 At that time, two new departments were formed under the NKVD –
Instructor and Information. Soon they were united and left in
part of the Inspectorate of the General Directorate of Police. Today these headquarters
are engaged in solving crimes without delay, are used
in antiterrorist and preventive operational activities,
carry out communication between security agencies of other departments.

October 7 on the national calendar

On this day, the memory of Thecla the Iconian is honored. Early christian
The saint was born in Iconium, in Turkey, in a rich pagan family.
She decided to devote her life to serving God after
I heard the apostle Paul’s sermon. Her fiance for indignation appeals
not to marry, but to serve God, demanded the arrest of Paul.
Thekla, bribing the guards with jewels, secretly saw Paul,
for which she subsequently tried to whip at the stake, but the flame
extinguished the sudden rain. Thekla lived 90 years and died in a cave
hiding from the priests. Saint Thekla is the patroness of Spir
so women sat on Thecla spinning, and men all day
threshing without stopping for lunch. Russian superstition says that
Theklu, whatever you fasten, will remain strong. It is a wonderfull day
for weddings, divination of girls on the consistency of their
husband For this girl left in the bath roll and waited – who
touches that day to her hand. Warm touch
predicted a rich husband, cold a poor one. If no one
touched her hands – sit in the girls for a long time. From Thecla days
diminishing rapidly and dawns become brighter.


The name of the young pilgrim who was tonsured as a monk was given
Sergey Radonezhsky – later he founded the Trinity Monastery.
The life story of Sergius is full of miracles and inexplicable things. Onпример,
poorly knowing the letter, he met a wonderful old man-hermit, who
predicted him a good literacy and understanding of the sacred
writings. The same old man predicted to Sergius an unusual life,
the ability to work wonders, the glory of which will spread far along
countries. During sermons conducted by Sergius, the altar was illuminated
divine fire, and the Mother came to the cell with the Apostles.

October 7, 1947 Niels Bohr received the original

On his birthday, Niels Bohr was awarded the King of Denmark.
Frederick IX highest national award – the Order of the Elephant. At that
The founder of atomic physics was 62 years old. Order of the elephant –
The most original award in the world. This is not a flat sign like everyone else.
the rest of the order, and the volume figure of an elephant with a military turret.
In front of this is a dark-skinned driver. This is the emblem
symbolizing wisdom and justice. Exotic Order
known to us since the victory of the Danish knights in the third cross
A campaign in which many elephants participated. Niels Bohr was not
only the patriarch of science, but also a humanist who warned against
of the third world war and who devoted much of their power to propaganda against
nuclear war.

October 7, 1993 the post number 1 at the Mausoleum was liquidated

С 26 января 1924 года у Мавзолея Lenin несли постоянную вахту 2
Guards from among the cadets of the Unified Command School named
VCIK. The changing of the guard took place every hour under the chiming clock
movements were honed to automatism even in complex guns
receptions. From Spassky Gates to the point, the guards passed exactly two
minutes 35 seconds. The number of steps has always been the same – 210. In
In 1993, the chief of the Main Directorate of the GUO ordered the termination
watch keeping Guard of honor transferred to the tomb of the Unknown
soldier in the Alexander Garden near the Kremlin.

Were born on October 7:

– 1952 – Vladimir Putin, politician of Russia,
State official of the highest level, the President of Russia on
two terms, the Chairman of the Government
2008-2012, the current President of the country.

– 1907 – Nikolai Semenovich Rabinovich, chief conductor
Lenradio Symphony Orchestra for 20 years.

– 1896th year – Paulino Alcantara, Spanish football player, native
Philippines striker – the legend of the football club “Barcelona”. is he
was the youngest player on the field. Total for the whole career
on his 357 balls in 357 games.

– 1967 – Tony Braxton, the famous singer who released 7
solo albums and having a large number of international

Name Day October 7:

October 7 is celebrating the birthday of the owners of such names: Andrew,
David, Pavel, Sergey, Vasily, Vitaly, Vladislav, Galaktion,
Stepan, Thekla.

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