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Sun, Oct 09, 2016

Holidays October 31:

All Saints’ Eve (Halloween)

More recently, Halloween was celebrated only by Americans, and
Today, this controversial and “magical” holiday covers all
new and new territory, approaching the countries of Europe, CIS and
Russia. Halloween is a very old holiday that came to us from
the depths of time. The attribute of the celebration, as you know, is the head
pumpkins in which frightening holes are cut (eyes, nose, mouth),
and put a burning candle inside. Kids, dressed in small
monsters walk the streets and scare the neighbors, who in turn
buy off sweets. Young people are having “scary” parties in
the image of unbelievable devils, witches and other evil spirits.

Sign language day

Sign language day, учрежденный в 2003 году, стал
professional holiday professionals associating healthy
people with hearing impairments. According to official figures, more than 10 million Russians
either they do not hear at all, or they hear very badly. And how many such
people on the planet? That is why the state has paid attention to
an important issue. For the first time in Russia, helping people who are deaf began to
reign of Maria Fedorovna. The Empress summoned several
sign language interpreters from Europe for training purposes
Russian teachers of sign language. By the way, in our country
Sign language is not yet officially recognized. And in many countries
many social professions simply oblige to know the basics
sign language translation.

International Day of the Black Sea

Black Sea Day began with the signing in 1996
near the Black Sea countries of the Strategic Action Plan for
protection and rehabilitation of marine space. The plan was developed
after a comprehensive study of the marine environment, which showed
that the vitality of the sea and its territorial resources are sharply
worsened compared to previous years. Along with signing
The strategic plan was decided to introduce an annual reminder with
the purpose is to urge the public to be more careful with water resources
our country.

Day of Prison and Prison Officers

From October 31, 1963 in the penitentiary system was
introduced such a concept as a detention center, and after more than 40 years, the Federal
Service has established a professional holiday – Day of the SIZO employees and
prisons. Traditionally, an event event includes
commemorative meetings of relevant staff as well
awards for excellent service.

International Day of Saving

On October 27, 1924, a congress of representatives of banks from
29 countries of the world, which resulted in the idea of ​​creating
World Savings Day. A bit later the UN directive officially
cemented the holiday, because its creators called not only to
saving money but also saving more generally
the words. In their opinion, the event should encourage society to think
over saving power, time, natural resources, things, etc.

Nevada State Day

October 31, 1864 Nevada was recognized by the US state. Since
On this day, residents celebrate the “birth” of Nevada. Every year in
Cities and parades
entertainment character.

October 31, according to the folk calendar (old style – 18

Bows day

Luke is one of the companions of Jesus Christ, the author of several
Biblical chapters. Luka was also considered the first icon painter in history.
The very first icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary was painted by him. Besides
Moreover, the list of his works includes the creation of icons of Vladimir
Our Lady of Czestochowa Our Lady of Kykkos and Sumela

For the reasons listed above, St. Luke was personified by the people.
with painting. And the main root crop in the treatment of many ailments
considered onions. Люди в Bows day устраивали овощные базары, главной
�”Star” which was a healing vegetable. This day turned to
to the saint so that he can help cope with family troubles or
blessed the newlyweds for a happy life together. Gardeners
в Bows day смотрели на вишню: если листья кустарника еще сидят на
sprigs, it means that the snow will not fall soon.

Significant Historical Events 31

31 октября 1941 год — завершение сооружения
National Memorial in the USA

It is about the national memorial of Mount Rushmore – the real
the pride of the Americans, their national symbol. Faces of four
Presidents – Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Roosevelt and
Thomas Jefferson – carved on the mountain. Creation work
the memorial lasted for about fifteen years under the guidance of a sculptor
Gutzona Borglum. Portrait bas-reliefs stretch in height no less
than 18 meters, so visible from a very far distance.
The main sculptor planned to add a couple more masterpieces to the memorial,
however, he realized that, at the completion of such a project, his life

31 октября 1961 год — из Мавзолея вынесли тело

This happened by decision of the 22nd Congress of the Central Committee of the CPSU at night from October 31 to
Nov. 1. Stalin похоронили в пятьдесят третьем году в Мавзолее на
K. Square, but three years later, the 20th party congress began aggressively
demand that что тела Stalin и Ленина не должны покоиться в
одной усыпальнице, и в 1961 году прах Stalin перевезли в другое
place, the Mausoleum began to bear the name of V. I. Lenin. Authorities in advance
preparing for such an action, because they were well aware –
the removal of the leader from the Mausoleum may provoke riots in
country. Тело Stalin положили в гроб и опустили в могилу. After 9
years on it was installed a gorgeous monument.

31 октября 1984 год — покушение на Индиру

In 1947, August 15, India became an independent state.
Naturally, there was a need to create your own
national government. The personal secretary of the premiere was his
дочь – Индира Gandhi, которая сопровождала его во всех важных
trips. In 1960, she lost her husband. For Indira it was
hard blow, so for some time she moved away from politics,
однако уже через несколько месяцев Gandhi вернулась и стала членом
Congressional Working Committee. Soon her father died, and the woman
achieved the highest post in India. The best moment in your career
Indira became the year 1971 when she won the parliamentary elections.
Последние годы правления Gandhi оказались трагичными для нее.
The operation to neutralize extremists, unsuccessful,
caused her death, and in 1984, 31, two Sikhs thrust
In Indira twenty bullets.

31 октября 2011 год — на Земле родился
7 billion resident

The seven billionth inhabitant of the planet was born exactly according to the calculations of the Fund
UN population in the city of Kaliningrad. Exact date of appearance
the baby was captured by UN observers and doctors,
host childbirth. �”Jubilee” newborn called Peter. Him
parents promised to issue a special certificate certifying
that the boy became the seven billionth inhabitant of the Earth.

Родились 31 October:

Джон Китс (1795-1821) — выдающийся английский
poet. From the age of 14 he began studying medicine. John’s teacher is a surgeon
Thomas Hammond tried to make a good physician out of a young man, but Keats
felt that his thrust was directed at versification, and in
lecture notebooks are increasingly beginning to appear beautiful
lines of verse. Despite this, Keats safely rents out
exam and gets the right to work in the field of medicine. Soon young
a person leaves the profession and begins to write poetry thoroughly.

Александр Алехин (1892-1946) — шахматист,
world chess champion. Born into a wealthy family, chess
figurines fascinated even before he began to walk. First win on
Alexander won a major competition only at 16 years of age.
He became a voluntary participant in the First World War, but soon
was contused and returned to his favorite hobby – chess. In 1927, A.
Alekhin fulfills the main dream and becomes the fourth champion
world of the game.

Карп Вейерштрасс (1815-1897) — немецкий
mathematician. By order of his father entered the law university,
however, after a while, he left him and went to the Münster
the academy. Further worked as a teacher of mathematics, physics,
geography, botany and a number of other items. In free time
wrote a paper on abelian functions, for which he subsequently received
Doctor’s degree and was elected a member of the Academy of Sciences.

Лиддел Гарт (1895-1970) — английский теоретик
and a military historian. As a member of the First World War, Garth was
deservedly noted for bravery. He later began to develop
own strategic theories that were published in
popular magazines and newspapers. Retired as
health, Garth continues his career as a writer.

Анатолий Папанов (1922-1987) — знаменитый
Soviet actor and People’s Artist of the USSR. In 1941 he was called on
war, but a year after being seriously wounded he returned and entered
in GITIS acting department. After graduation went to work in
theater. Papanov was amazing in all roles: any role to him
were given easily and naturally. In 1973, Anatoly receives
title of People’s Artist of the USSR.

Жан Амери (1912-1978) — писатель-журналист и
film critic. He became famous for coming out in the sixties
books: “Idols of our time”, “Charmed with jazz”, “Hauptman –
eternal German “and many others.

Именины 31 October:

Angel Day (name day) on the last day of October celebrate
owners of such names as: Gabriel, Andrei, Ivan, David, Leonty,
Joseph, Julian, Sergey, Luke.

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