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Sat, 08 Oct 2016

Holidays October 30

Mechanic engineer day

Engineering and technical workers may lead
counting your holiday not since the time of the order of the Chief Commander
Navy from 1996, and since 1854. More than 150 years ago in Russia
An organization of fleet mechanical engineers was formed. Representatives
This profession must have an extensive store of knowledge, this is the most
demanded specialization among engineers responsible for
creation of the surrounding technological space and introduction
high tech. A vivid example of this profession
were Henry Ford, who produced new car models in 1913
or Percy Spencer, who patented the microwave in 1945

And also on this day:

International Jazz Festival in Spain

In Barcelona this year is held one of the most famous
jazz festivals of the world. The organizers have always believed that
the appropriate time of year for such an event is autumn.
The Barcelona festival is remarkable for the fact that it lasts the most
a lot of time. In addition, the most
a large number of world celebrities, as well as young beginners
musicians. The whole month concerts last which are attended by more than 50
thousands of viewers from around the world. At various venues around
scenes are set up in the city, in some places concerts are held
is free. Here people communicate with each other, stars communicate between
by myself. Photo exhibitions and movies allow you to familiarize yourself with the history
jazz and festival.

October 30 (old style October 17) in folk

Hosea Kolesnik

The Prophet Hosea lived in the kingdom of Israel shortly before his death.
Of Israel. He gave a lot of power to the fight against idolatry, reversing
Jewish hearts to God. His wife led an unworthy lifestyle and, in
in the end, left him. After this, the prophet believed even more.
to the correctness of his mission and began to convert the Gentiles with great
zeal He received the nickname “Kolesnik” because to this day
All the field work was finished and the carts were set up until spring in
sheds. Their serviceability was checked immediately before installation on
storage. That is, the “wheel breaks off the rim” on Hosea, and in
In many areas, the winter toboggan path was established. According to the last
the creak of the cart can be wondered about the harvest – the wheels do not creak – it means
there will be a lot of products: bread and vegetables. Sadness for the departed fly
reflected in folk art: “October is crying with cold

October 30 in the history of the world and Russia

30 октября 1888 г. — получен первый патент на
ballpoint pen

Already in the late 19th century, John Loud (John Loud) officially
patented his new invention – the mechanical handle. Further
were Van Vechten Reizberg and Joseph Laszlo Biro. People who
I had to write a lot with a pen, with the help of an inkwell, very
rejoiced at the new fixtures. The first applied ball
pens pilots of the English Air Force. In the mass production of pens for the first time
released the Argentine company, journalist Biro sold her his
patent for 1 mln dollars. In the USA, the invention got through
practical salesman who patented it in this country and
sold the patent to US companies. Thus, nobody knows
traveling salesman, taking advantage of another invention, became a millionaire
just because of its business acumen.

30 октября 1696 года — принятие Боярской Думой
under the leadership of Peter I of the first fleet law

A new milestone in overcoming the isolation of Russia in the world and
the European community has opened a decree “Maritime vessels to be
… “. The isolation of the country from the political and cultural life was
a major obstacle in the development of society and the state. Peter 1
set a goal to find a way out to the Black and Baltic Seas. For this
needed a fleet. In just a few months were built
two ships, four fireworks and 1300 small boats, which amounted to
Azov fleet and began a battle with the Turks for the fortress of Azov. In 1703
year, the construction of the Baltic Fleet began intensively, and through
year new warships entered the Neva. The first victory was won
only in 1714, near the island Gangut. Further были построены
Caspian flotilla and fleet on the Black Sea.

30 октября 1653 года – Указ царя об отмене
death penalty for caught thieves and robbers in Russia

Criminals were punished with a whip, or their left finger was cut off and
exiled to Siberia. The death penalty remained valid only under
re-commit crime. All criminals released and
commanded them to settle in Siberia, the Lower Volga region and the Ukrainian
lands. However, after only 6 years, the penalty was reintroduced.
by hanging, after 4 years, it is replaced by another punishment. Rogues
and thieves were punished by cutting off both legs and left hands, and
severed members nailed to trees to scare the rest

30 октября 1941 г. — Onчало героической обороны

The ground defense in Sevastopol at the beginning of the war almost
It was because in July 1941 the formation of defensive forces began.
frontiers. To the appearance of the enemy on approaches to the city were
completed three lines of defense. October 30, the enemy tried
to penetrate the city, but it failed because of a competent response to
defensive lines. Protection of the city lasted for 250
days Thus, the German troops could not deploy
offensive towards the Caucasus. Sevastopol received the title of City
Героя, награды в виде медали “За оборону Sevastopol” получили 30
thousands of people.

30 октября 1905 года – Николай II подписал
Manifesto “On the improvement of the state order”

The 1905 revolution, which began with a peaceful demonstration of the people,
was brutally suppressed by the metropolitan authorities using weapons
with grapeshot. Destroyer “Prince Potemkin” went over to the side of the revolution
Tavrichesky “, part of the ships located on the Black Sea Fleet
(the cruiser “Ochakov” and “St. Panteleimon”). Uprising picked up
the workers of the country — an all-Russian political strike began. On
its fleet was headed by Peter Schmidt. October 30, 1905 was convened
The Duma issued a Manifesto proclaiming freedom of speech, assembly, and
unions. It could not be regarded as the victory of the revolution in full
least The result of the disagreement in his assessment was the formation of two
political parties – the party of the Democrats (liberal monarchical
bourgeoisie) and the Octobrists (big bourgeoisie, (Union 17

October 30 were born:

Дмитрий Пожарский (1577-1642), русский князь,
military and political figure

Rod Pozharsky is rooted in the deep past of time
Yuri Dolgoruky. For Dmitry Pozharsky significant moments
life was involved in the first militia in times of great turmoil in
1611 He was a leader in the second militia. AT
co-authored with the merchant Minin they developed a plan for the liberation
Moscow from the Polish invaders in 1612.

Диего Марадона (1960 год) — знаменитый
Argentine footballer legend

By participating in 4 World Cup championships, Armando Maradona became
truly the model and idol of football fans around the world. Him
qualities – high technology, speed, excellent coordination of movement
and endurance, contributed to the achievement of great success and
receive many awards and titles. He is the champion
Argentina, two-time champion of Italy, Footballer of the Year in South
America and many others др. AT 1991 году Марадона дисквалифицирован за
cocaine use. Since 2008, he has been coaching a team
Of Argentina.

Ангелика Кауфман (1741 —1807 годы) — одна из
few recognized women painters

AT середине 1760 годов Ангелика Кауфман получила полное признание
as a woman painter. Her paintings belong to the era of classicism.
This is a large number of portraits of contemporaries, biblical scenes,
literary and antique illustrations. Almost the only
a female artist at the founding of the Royal Academy of Arts, she
participated in the painting of the Cathedral of St. Paul in Rome and became friends
there with Goethe, wrote his portrait.

Клод Лелуш (1937 год), французский продюсер,
film director, cameraman, actor, screenwriter

The famous talented Frenchman began his directorial career.
very early – at 19 he makes a film for the debut contest, for
who gets a prize at Cannes. He made a hidden camera film about
The USSR called it “When the Curtain Rises”. ATсемирная слава
came to him after the film “Man and Woman” – “Golden Palm
branch “at the Cannes Film Festival and two Oscars. He is the owner
own film company.

Людмила Рогачева (1966 г.), спортсменка,
USSR athlete�

Lyudmila Rogacheva participated in several Olympic games and
repeatedly became their winner. AT 1994 году она победила в
Dora Volia games in Moscow, won the Grand Prix International
Athletics Federation, at the XXV Olympic Games became
silver medalist, World and European Champion.

Name Day October 30:

AT этот день могут отмечать именины обладатели следующих

Joseph, Leonty, Alexander, Andrei, Hosea, Sergey, Julian.

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