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Sat, 08 Oct 2016

Holidays October 28

International Grandparents Day

October 28, according to the Old Slavic tradition, a holiday was celebrated
families, representatives of the Holland Flower Bureau decided to fix
lack of contemporaries who have forgotten about an important date, and
recommended to devote this day to grandparents, because
they are the old-timers of the family. First international day
Grandmothers and Grandfathers was celebrated in Russia in 2009. October 28th is
a time when every grandson, whatever his age, may
thank your favorite “educators” for their care and warmth. AT
International Grandparents Day принято преподносить близким
houseplant or flower, a living gift is symbolic, it
reminds of care and tenderness that are given to grandchildren of grandmothers and

International Day of Animation

October 28, 1892 in the French capital was organized
the first “optical theater”, which became the prototype of the modern
animations Demonstrated Parisian funny sight
the artist and inventor Emile Raynaud. Thanks to the designed
the apparatus called praxinoscope the french were able to see
moving pictures and witness the birth of the animation. ATпервые
International Day of Animation прошел в 2002 году, он был организован
on the centenary day of the first public performance.
The celebration of an important event turned out so interesting and
занимательным, что решено было отмечать International Day of Animation
annually. October 28, more than a hundred countries pass
animated shows and demonstrations of modern achievements in
areas of animation (two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation Flash, Stop
Motion and VFX).

Creation Day of the Russian Army Aviation

October 28, 1948 Army Aviation was established in Serpukhov
a squadron appeared, which became the base, on the basis of which later
For decades, a separate branch of the military has been formed. First time in task
Army Aviation included freight and exploration, but already
after a short time, its functions became much wider. AT
Currently, helicopters are pretty serious weapons,
which is able to quickly destroy the enemy. Army Aviation Pilots
Russia’s permanent participation in responsible events, being
in the “hot spots”, effectively operate in the Northern
Caucasus, allowing to find and destroy gangs. AT
настоящее время армейская авиация входит в состав ATоенно-воздушных
forces of Russia.

Motorist day

AT последнее воскресенье октября в России принято отмечать День
motorist, in 2012 this holiday falls on October 28th.
It’s hard to imagine modern life without transport: even
if a Russian does not have a car, he uses buses,
trolley or taxi. Year by year the number of car owners in
Russia is increasing, so that people have the opportunity
to feel more comfortable and free, greatly simplifying
your life and reducing travel time. The increase in the number of cars leads
to an increase in the number of people employed in the maintenance of transport.
Engineers and designers, workers of automobile plants and service
centers, bus and taxi drivers, driving school teachers and
staff maintenance bases – for all these people Day
motorist is a professional holiday.

October 28 in the national calendar

Orthodox Christians honor October 28 in memory of Euphemia
Solunsky, who founded a monastic community near Thessaloniki (Greece)
the community and with the help of the Companions restored the ancient monastery
St. Andrew. Today, according to the folk calendar, Efimy Autumn, in
this period all life on earth was preparing for winter. It was believed that
Euphemia woke up Kikimora, who was dozing all summer, and for the winter
showed people doing nasty things: confused the women with yarn, beat
pottery To discourage evil spirits from the house,
ask for help Euphemia.

Name Day October 28

Афанасий с детства стремится быть в курсе
total: a boy examines cabinets and drawers in his own apartment,
knows what is outside his court, as often, contrary to
parental guidance, is sent on a small journey.
Passion for the knowledge of the new persists in Athanasius and in the adult
life, he loves tourism and spends a lot of time hiking.
The ideal job for Athanasius is the tourism business.

Денис — невероятно добрый и общительный
a man, and among his loyal friends not only the people around him,
but also the numerous animals for which he is experiencing great
love. A boy with such a name in childhood is distinguished by hard work and
takes care of parents, however, his behavior at school is impossible
be called exemplary, because irreducible energy does not allow Denis
for a long time to sit in one place. ATо взрослой жизни Денис может
get involved in collecting, he knows the value of money and knows how to do it
to dispose of.

Ефим — человек чувствительный и артистичный, по
nature is very kind. AT жизни Ефим часто сталкивается со
difficulties, as it strives to be in all matters fair
and support the weak if they need help. Yefim appreciates
good cuisine, so it will be decided to combine the bonds of marriage only with
a woman who has some success in the field of cooking. AT
Companies with Efim are always fun, despite the fact that he rarely
takes alcoholic beverages.

Иван — человек многогранный, он может проявить
yourself in different roles, people with that name make good
pilots, doctors and porters. It is important for Ivan to feel support
close, he communicates with almost all relatives, parents,
his wife’s brothers, sisters and friends will quickly become his friends. Wife
Ivana should not be often brought into the house of girlfriends, because, even with
great affection for the spouse, the husband can get carried away by others
women, such is the reckless character of Ivan.

Лукьян — человек открытый и легкий в общении,
he is not inclined to fear difficulties, he is used to reaching
a goal no matter how incredible and unattainable it seems. Lukyana
can not be called a homebody, hanging out at the TV he
prefers going to a museum, theater or cafe.

Were born on October 28

Эразм Роттердамский (1459 год) — литератор и
a publisher made popular by the “Praise of Folly” parody,
where stupidity praised itself. The author’s tone was unique;
there was anger and hard sarcasm, the shortcomings of people were mocked
complacent, humorous and condescending. Rotterdam dreamed
get in advisers many rulers of the time, he was
granted the rank of “royal adviser.

Роман ATиктюк (1936 год) — руководитель
«Государственного театра Романа ATиктюка», открывшегося в 1990 году
play “Madame Butterfly.” ATиктюк работал в Русском
Lithuanian Drama Theater, at the Satyricon Theater (a famous work
�”Maids”, brought to the director of world fame), in the status of professor
teaches at GITIS. Романа ATиктюка называют классиком провокаций,
his performances are unique, which is noted not only Russian, but also
foreign critics: the director was awarded international prizes and
included in the 50 people of the world who have influenced world art
the second half of the 20th century (according to the United States theatergoers

Билл Гейтс (1955 год) — основатель компании
Microsoft Corporation, one of the richest people in the world, fortune
which amounts to tens of billions of dollars. Thanks
outstanding achievements and big charity
Bill Gates won the title Knight Commander of the Order
British Empire. Books “Road to the Future” and “Business with speed
thoughts ”, the author of which was an outstanding programmer, translated into
many languages ​​of the world and have become a world bestseller.

Джулия Робертс (1967 год) — американская
actress, owner of several Oscars, the first in the history of cinema
the actress who received for the role in the film $ 25 million.
Known for his roles in the films “Pretty Woman”, “Runaway Bride”,

Historical events October 28

28 октября 1492 года — Христофор Колумб и его
fellow sailors landed in Cuba, thinking that they had reached
Of china. Spaniards who dreamed of the infinite riches of an eastern country
surprised to find poor reed huts, plantations
corn, tobacco and potatoes. Christopher made the assumption that
his team sailed to the distant poor Chinese region and, not knowing about
that discovered America, went in search of richer
Chinese and Japanese lands.

28 октября 1886 года — состоялось официальное
opening of the main symbol of the United States of America – Statues
Freedom. Famous landmark located at the mouth
Hudson, in the New York harbor. The symbol of America was presented in
a gift to the United States of America by France, it was here
designed by the famous monument designed by Eiffel.
The statue is a symbol of friendship between the United States and France and was created
in memory of the 100th anniversary of the independence of America.

28 октября 1908 года — в истории Российской
A significant event happened to the Empire, the first one appeared on the screens
short feature film titled “Ponizovaya
freemen “, it was with him began the national cinema.

28 октября 1918 года — День образования
Czechoslovakia. Прага получила независимость от Австро-ATенгрии, Чехии
was merged with neighboring Slovakia.

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